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MLP EG RoFaR - Melina Sings Like A Virgin in solo by Magic-Kristina-KW
MLP EG RoFaR - Melina Sings Like A Virgin in solo
This is the scene of MLP:EG - The Robots of Friendship and Rock pt 2 is where Melina Thermopolis doing her solo singing number for Sonata Dusk who is fond of Melina and sing in her solo, "Like A Virgin" which is originally sung by Madonna alone. While she is singing, she can do amazing dance moves and tricks such as moonwalk dance moves, breakdancing, mid head spin, back flip and she can spin while standing with one hand on floor and especially she can spin her pelvis with legs around like a tornada while her upper body including her torso stay still due that she is a robot. She sings without her microphone. The students including Sonata Dusk seem to like her singing and her amazing dance moves she did.

This scene is from chapter 2 of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls -  The Robots of Friendship and Rock the story was written by me and CmdrNIXmagic-kristina-kw.deviantart.c…

EQ background (1 chair) .3. by :iconlilww3:…

Equestria Girls Sonata Dusk Base on Melina Thermopolis (on the middle) by :iconselenaede:…

Equestria Girls Sonata Dusk Base 04 (on the right next to Melina) by :iconselenaede:…

Equestria Girls Photo Finish Base 02 (all the way on the right next to Sonata Dusk) by :iconselenaede:…

EqG Crystal Pony Base (on the left) by :iconselenaede:…

Style, Sonata Dusk, Photo Finish and Canterlot High School (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (or MLP:FiM and MLP:EG for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

Melina Thermopolis the member of the Rockster Girls (C) Me

Song "Like A Virgin" sung and written by Madonna
(In the Dazzlings' mansion, the limo arrived outside and the four of us exit it and I carry my suitcase)

Me: (chuckle evilly as my eyes are glowing green)

Adagio: Well, come on. We've got a concert going on, and we need to get you in your new outfit.

Me: What kind of new outfit for the concert? :)

Adagio; Oh, you'll see...

Me: (chuckles as I grin and the green pendant around my neck is glowing green)

Adagio: (turn to Trixie who is wearing a same necklace as mine and the Dazzlings' and she is guarding the double door) Trixie, if you see the Rainbooms, don't let them in and keep them busy. Our new member here, Kristina, is going to help us with performance.

Trixie: (her eyes flash green) Yes, Adagio.

Me and the Dazzlings: (laugh evilly as we enter the mansion)

(Later, I come out of a dressing room and wearing my new concert uniform.)

Adagio: Oh, look, it's just like your old uniform!

Me: (spin myself around while I'm smiling with glee) Yes, but it's a blue dress now and I'm wearing this same hair bow with dragon wings you gave it to me. :)

Sonata; Well, come on, slowpoke! We're about to go on!

Me: You know it, Sona-cutie. ;) (giving her a nickname is a combination of "Sonata" and "cutie")

Sonata: (the "squee" sound)

Me: Let's go.

(The four of us walk to the stage)

Me: This is gonna be a singing blast, Dazzlings. >8)

Adagio; Oh, it'll be more than a blast...

(The audience are now watching me and the Dazzlings start singing the song in the stage. I am now completely possessed by the green pendant that turned me evil. We start singing, "Welcome to the Show".)

Me and the Dazzlings: ♪ Ahh, ah-ah, ahh
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ahh, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah ♪

(Meanwhile outside of Dazzlings' mansion, Sunset Shimmer leads Twilight and Mane 6 to the entrance door. However, there was Trixie in her blue skinned human form and she was guarding the door to make sure that the Sunset and her friends won't get in to save me)

Twilight: Let us in, Trixie!

Trixie: Not a chance, Twilight Sparkle... (pulls a lever opening a trapdoor, which they all fall in)

Twilight, Sunset and Mane 6: (scream as they fall in) Aaaaahh!!! (crash into the basement)

Applejack: Now what?

Twilight: Don't worry; I got this. (took out her magic wand) Never leave it at home.

(The wand flashes and they disappeared)

Trixie: What?! :ohnoes:

(Back with me and the Dazzlings...)

Me and the Dazzlings: ♪ Ahh, ah-ah, ahh
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ahh, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah, ah, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah ♪

Adagio: ♪ Welcome to the show ♪

Me, Aria and Sonata: ♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah. ♪

Adagio: ♪ We're here to let you know ♪

Me, Aria and Sonata: ♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ♪

Adagio: ♪ Our time is now ♪

Me, Aria and Sonata: ♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah ♪

Me and the Dazzlings: ♪ Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Feel the wave of sound as it crashes down ♪

(The enchantment takes hold; a flash from the pendants, and the four of us begin to rise off the boards.)

Me and the Dazzlings: ♪ You can’t turn away, we’ll make you want to stay ♪

(The gems burn green, throwing rays in all directions. Now visible only as white-outlined black silhouettes, we each sprout the same pony ears and hair extensions that previously manifested on the Rainbooms.)

Me and Dazzlings: ♪ We will be adored, tell us that you want us
We won’t be ignored, it’s time for our reward ♪

(The camera zoom out from the four of us. A flash, and our normal colors are restored, with two changes: sparkles on the outfits, and translucent fin-like wings on each of the four backs of us.)

Me and the Dazzlings: (unison) ♪ Now you need us, come and heed us
Nothing can stop us now! ♪

(While we are singing, Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms/Mane 6 arrived behind the curtains with the help of Vinyl Scratch who never took off her headphones. They are in the backstage and peek their heads from behind the curtains so they see me in this new form)

Rainbow: (surprised to see me in this new form) What the? She changed into her new magic form!

Twilight: The Dazzlings really did get to her! We only have one shot at this, girls!

Vinyl: (arrived with a DJ machine with huge speakers)

Spike: (in dog form) What's that?

Vinyl Scratch: (her car transforms into an amplifier with big speakers)

Spike: Nice! All right, girls... (pulls the curtain rope) You're on!

The Rainbooms: ♪ Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh ♪

Me and the Dazzlings: (shocked that Sunset and the Mane 6 known as Rainbooms are here onstage behind us)

Rainbooms: ♪ I've got the music in me
Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh ♪

Twilight Sparkle: ♪ Don't need to hear a crowd
Cheering out my name
I didn't come here seeking
Infamy or fame ♪

Me: :o

The Rainbooms: ♪ The one and only thing
That I am here to bring
Is music, is the music
Is the music in my soul
Gonna break out (Out!)
Set myself free, yeah
Let it all go (Go!)
Just let it be, yeah
Find the music in your heart
Let the music make you start
To set yourself apart! ♪

Adagio: So the Rainbooms want to turn this into a real Battle of the Bands? Then let’s battle.

Me: Right. Let's do it.

(Harmony vocals under lyrics and the camera zoom out slowly to frame the other two.)

Me and the Dazzlings: ♪ What we have in store, all we want and more ♪

(The crowd falls under our influence again and the camera makes a close-up of Adagio, eyes burning red.)

Me and the Dazzlings: ♪ We will break on through, now it’s time to finish you. ♪

(Guitar chords over thumping drum beat; intensity builds into a discordant melody. A pulse travels from her pendant to those of Aria, Sonata and me, the eyes of these three of us going crimson as well, and a blast of green/white magic pours outward from the stage to turn the sky a lurid crimson as the ceiling opens up. One by one, each gem sends up an apparition matching the image of the equine/reptilian Sirens in the book Twilight showed her friends before she made the jump from Ponyville to Canterlot High. One is yellow, one violet, one blue and the fourth one is dark blue—from Adagio, Aria, Sonata and me, respectively—and each has a gem embedded in its chest. The Rainbooms stare wide-eyed at this new turn of events, and the four specters rocket out toward the Rainbooms.)

Me: Prepare to meet your musical doom, Rainbooms! >8D

(They circle the Rainbooms, looking for an opportunity to strike and forcing all but Pinkie into a tight defensive circle. Vinyl adjusts a setting on the turntables built into her car’s dashboard, Pinkie cranks off a high-speed drum riff, and the speakers throw out a sound wave that scatters the Sirens’ avatars. Rainbooms’ song takes over (D major). Rarity’s fingers race over her keys, sending a blast of lozenge-shaped jewels to disrupt the attackers; Fluttershy adds to the offensive with a tambourine shake that unleashes a torrent of butterflies at Sonata's and my Siren specters)

My Siren specter: Roar!

Twilight: ♪ Whoa, whoa! ♪

(The entire vicinity shakes in response to her amplified voice, and a rush of white six-pointed stars pours forth. The camera cut to a profile of a furious Adagio, then dissolve to her Siren avatar, which lets go with an even higher note and a wave of green magic that overwhelms Twilight all too quickly. She is slowly pushed back by the counterattack, one platform sole grinding into the floor surface but gets herself stabilized and sends up a glare of the clearest, purest anger. Discordant guitar/drum melody (E minor); tempo gradually accelerates. All four of us as the Dazzlings join forces and voices now, uncorking a full-volume vocal battering through our avatars that pushes the Rainbooms off their feet. The microphone goes flying out of Twilight’s hand in slow motion, brushing against one of Pinkie’s cymbals as it tumbles past as the song ends abruptly and it arcs gracelessly through the empty space. Normal motion resumes with a cut to a close-up of it rolling to a stop at Sunset’s foot; she picks it up, the camera zooming out to frame Spike looking on. She regards the device as if it were a hand grenade with the pin pulled out, then huddles herself slightly over it. As the Dazzlings and I advance slightly from the stage, mouths set in truly frightening grins of impending triumph)

Me: (laughing evilly and my voice is now echoing as I speak) What's the matter? Giving up already, Rainbooms? >8)

Twilight: Not a chance, ex-friend Kittensworth! NOW! (Pinkie Pie does her drum solo)

(Sunset’s face broadcasts the titanic struggle that rages through her mind at this request. It ends with the brows drawing down over the blue-green eyes in steely determination; the camera cut to Twilight and company still crumpled on the floor as her boots step to the fore. The camera tilt up to frame her, microphone in one hand, shucking off and throwing aside her jacket with the other. A studded bracelet encircles each wrist, and her upper-body garment is now fully exposed as a sleeveless top. As the wind blows through her hair, Vinyl works her turntable controls and starts a record spinning, bringing the front-end equalizer panel back to life. Lively, driving drum rhythm (fast 4) and Sunset’s vocals establish the key as D major)
Sunset: I'm sorry, Kristina. But it's the only way to set you free from this evil spell. (inhales and start to sing) ♪ You’re never gonna bring me down
You’re never gonna break this part of me ♪
(helps Twilight to her feet.)
♪ My friends are here to bring me ’round
Not singing just for popularity. ♪

(Electric guitar in. They each get a hand on the microphone, holding it between them.)

Twilight and Sunset: ♪ We’re here to let you know that we won’t let it go ♪

(Bass, tambourine in. Pinkie sits upright at her kit, the others stand up, and all start to play.)

Sunset and Rainbooms: ♪ Our music is a bomb and it’s about to blow. ♪

(The specters rush toward the band.)

Sunset and Rainbooms: ♪ And you can try to fight, but we have got the light
Of friendship on our side ♪

(The music synth in and the camera close-up of the pair, zooming out to frame the entire band. A ball of white light appears behind the two singers and grows in intensity, with a secondary focus in the free hands that they lift over their heads and touch together. A pastel-rainbow shock wave tears outward from the group, hurling the spectral Sirens away and nailing the real ones dead on. Its passage shakes the students out of their daze and rattles Adagio so badly that the infernal green glow fades from her eyes in close-up.)

Rainbooms and Sunset: ♪ Got the music in our hearts
We’re here to blow this thing apart
And together we will never
Be afraid of the dark ♪

(Now Sunset finds herself slowly floating free of the floor, yellow light and sparkles blazing around every inch of her form. Two yellow-orange pony ears emerge from within the wild tumble of hair, and one midair pirouette later, the locks reaching down her back have elongated into a tail secured by a studded band that matches her bracelets. The energy surrounding her surges out in a wave of red/yellow sunbursts to fully reveal the transformed Sunset—sparkles on her clothing and boots, and a large sunburst on her skirt. Her face displays a smirk, but it is one of confidence rather than malice.)

Sunset and Rainbooms: ♪ Here to sing our song out loud
Get you dancing with the crowd
As the music of our friendship
Survives, survives! ♪

(The music went E major. The other six rise up behind Sunset, each wreathed in a glow of her own; Pinkie’s drum kit stays on the ground. A new rainbow flashes upward from them and into the sky, but this one has seven colors rather than six once a vivid scarlet streak rises in the middle due to Sunset’s involvement. The beam pours into a bank of gray clouds swirling overhead, which disintegrate to reveal a gigantic, white-glowing sphere unfurling a pair of translucent blue-white wings.)

Sunset and Rainbooms: ♪ Got the music in our hearts
We’re here to blow this thing apart
And together we will never
Be afraid of the dark. ♪

(Students all over the place start to get down on it.)

Sunset, Rainbooms and Students except me and the Dazzlings: ♪ Here to sing our song out loud
Get you dancing with the crowd ♪

(The Dazzlings and I glower down at them, the green light gone from our all four pairs of eyes, then glance upward with real fear. What the band has unleashed is a colossal winged unicorn whose body seems to glitter with stardust from one end to the other. Its streaming mane/tail display all the colors of the rainbow that formed it, and its eyes and the tip of its horn burn purest white. This apparition stands at least three times as tall and broad as those conjured by the me and the Dazzlings.)

Sunset, Rainbooms and Students: ♪ As the magic of our friendship
Survives, survives, survives! ♪♪

(Here comes the pitch: a wide beam that angles downward to strike both high and low. The ghostly Sirens crack and shatter into fragments, and in a four-way split screen of extreme close-ups, the gems in our Dazzlings’ pendants do the same. Fade to white and the song ends. The white screen fade in to a long shot of the stage, to which the Dazzlings and I have fallen hard amid a few last dissipating wisps of green negative energy. The sky has returned to its normal nocturnal hue. A close-up frames them rubbing their heads, their wings, clothing sparkles, and pony ears/tails gone; the remains of their red jewels lie before them, still glowing feebly—but only for a moment. I was seem knocked unconscious, reverted to normal human form and my green Dazzling member necklace is broken meaning I am no longer in evil corruption spell. As the last glimmers of light fade away from the broken baubles, Adagio is first to regard hers with a popeyed stare; she scoops up those shards and hastily gets to her feet. Up come Aria and Sonata as well, all three glaring toward the crowd, and they take a deep breath to sing again—but this time, not a single one of them is in any recognizable key. A cappella, no key (slow 4, loose tempo). The sudden loss of their mesmerizing vocal ability throws a bucketful of sand into their mental machinery. The crowd is not amused.)

Dazzlings: ♪ We will be adored, tell us that you want us. ♪ (notice their beautiful singing voices are gone and instead their real singing voices are off-key)
♪ We won’t be ignored, it’s time for our reward. ♪♪

(The end of their second line is lost under a hearty round of booing, which is in turn followed by a barrage of thrown food items that sends the trio running for the wings.)

Me: (woke up, sit up and rub my head as I am still on stage) Ow...(look around) What happened? What am I doing here? :?

Rarity: (runs up to me with the others) Kristina, darling, are you all right?

Me: Yes...(gets up remorsefully) I'm really sorry for not listening to you and trusting the Dazzlings instead because of their change of hearts. Now that I realized I was tricked and bribed by them into joining them so they have me turn against you. Also, I find the hard way that the green jewel is what corrupting me into becoming evil that makes me lie to you and even I take it off in the first place. I'm awfully sorry. I learn that I should never trust your enemies unless they are truly reformed with change of hearts like Discord and no matter how nice they are. So would you all forgive me and my evil corrupted actions please? :(

Rainbow: (the Mane Six and Sunset look at each other) After what you did to us? No way.

Me: *sighs sadly* (feeling silent sadly as I lean my head down) :depressed:

Rainbow: Psyche! (wraps her arm around me) You're so gullible, Kristy! As if we couldn't forgive ya!

Applejack: Yeah, we know y'all weren't in your right mind.

Sunset: You'll be lucky to live it down until next time we meet.

Twilight: And, Kristina? If you happened to hear me calling you an "ex-friend", I didn't mean it...

Me: Yes, even you are aware that I was in the evil corruption spell. My good side or soul in my head hear Sunset said she was sorry but you just find a way to free me from this evil spell while my evil side came from this jewel enters my brain and soul to take over my body. When you set me free, it feels like throbbing my head as the evil Dazzling soul vanished from my body thanks to you all for breaking me free from this magic gem curse. :(

Rainbow: Speaking of the Dazzlings...

Me: (turn around and see the Dazzlings sadly sitting in their backstage chairs) I might had a word with them. (Approaches them) You told me a lie, Dazzlings. You said you three have change of hearts so I can trust you three until you cast a spell on me. (took out the gift bag with my Dazzling outfits in it and a hundred dollar cash so I hand it back to them) Here, I don't want your gifts anymore for tricking me into becoming an evil siren so I can stay with you.

Adagio: (sniffles) We're... we're so sorry... we realized we were corrupted by those green pendants... we just wanted to show how great we are.

Sonata: Besides, it was Aria's fault for having us buy them!

Aria: My fault?! If you hadn't laid your eye on them in the first place--

Adagio: No... this was all my fault. I had a feeling the pendants would restore our voices to their former glory. But what's the use of talking to a friend of twilight Sparkle? (holds out her wrists) Slap on the cuffs. (looks over at Aria and Sonata)

Sonata: Huh? Oh, yeah... (holds out her wrists) We deserve to be punished.

Aria: (holds our her wrists) It's okay if you hate us or whatever. (turns her head, while Adagio hangs her head low and Sonata gives out a sad look with puppy eyes and a quivering lip)

Me: (feeling compassionate and sympathetic to them as Fluttershy) I'm not gonna punish you and I wanted to forgive you since you are truly sorry so I'm not gonna arrest you three. Like I said, I forgive you three and give you a second chance. Right now, I think you three need singing lessons instead of using them for your cheating purposes. These will make you frauds if you know better. Besides, it's probably you three have lack of power of friendship like Twilight and her friends. Like Twilight said, magic of friendship is not just in Equestria or Canterlot. It's everywhere.

Sonata: You... you're not gonna punish us? Even though we tricked you? And just when I was gonna regret letting you call me "Sona-cutie"... anywho, I don't think we have any experience with this "friendship".

Me: I won't punish you even though you tricked me. Sonata, that nickname I gave you is just a cute good one which is a combination of your name and "cutie" so it's not an insult. Well, if you really want me as a friend, however, there are important lessons of friendship and love you need to learn. Well, I bet Twilight, Sunset and their friends will teach you.

Adagio: Huh... you wanna hang out in the karaoke room so you can help us with our singing?

Me: I love to, but I am not much of a singing teacher. Sunset and the Rainbooms will teach you.

Me: Well, I have college stuff to do so I'm gonna go home now. (Pick up my suitcase that was standing by the clothes chest) Dazzlings, when you are reformed and turn good, I will always be in your hearts. (Hands the Dazzlings the photo of me so they can keep it as a memory of me who is being forgiving and merciful)

Aria: What will you do in the meantime?

Me: Well, I have college stuff to do.

(Then, I turn to Sunset Shimmer and hug her)

Me: Thank you for being a good, protective friend to us. Thanks for everything. ^^

Sunset: Don't sweat it. If I was there when you got invited to their party, I would've warned you about them earlier.

Me: (smiles as I release her) Thanks for that too. (walk away and waved goodbye) Goodbye, everyone. Thanks for coming over my house earlier. :)

The Rainbooms: (wave goodbye)

Rarity: Have a nice day, darling!

Pinkie: Keep smiling, Kristy!

Me: (smiles) And take good care of the Dazzlings while you teach them lessons of friendship. :)

Twilight: We'll try!

Me: (walking off)

(Outside, I walk off and I noticed the moonlight shine on me)

Me: What? What's going on?

???: Do you had a nice lesson you learned?

Me: Principle Luna?

???: No. It's PRINCESS Luna.

Me: (look around and see Princess Luna who appears out of nowhere and she is in her Alicorn form)

Luna: A warm salutations to you, Kristina.

Me: Salutations to you, your highness. Why aren't you in human form?

Luna: You were mistaken, but I hope not disappointed. I'm not that human Luna than you know.

Me: I see. But what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in Canterlot in your pony world?

Princess Luna: Don't you remember? I am the princess of the night. Thus it is my duty to come into your dreams. Does it bring your memories now?

Me: Oh, yeah... Wait, is this just a dream this whole time? But everything around me feels and looks so real! (reverberating drumbeat)

Princess Luna: I assure you that you are asleep. But when you awake, there is a future thing that you are not going to like the most will soon exist.

Me: (guessing my answer) The Dazzlings?

Princess Luna: Are the Dazzlings is what you hate the most now?

Me: Well, a little. To be honest, if they were real once I woke up from this dream, I am afraid they will stalk me with some sort of "siren magic" and put me under their spell so I'm gonna fall into their evil hands like this dream where I've gone through earlier.

Princess Luna: (put her hoof under my chin) Everypony or everybody has fears, Kristina. Everybody must face them in their own way like you should. But they must be faced, or the nightmares will continue.

Me: (hearing voices)

Twilight's voice: (echoing) Kristina? Kristina!

Princess Luna: It's time for you to wake up now.

(Everything around me began to vanish as Princess Luna flew up to the moon)

Princess Luna: Face your fears!

(Everything flash white around me and I got blinded by this white light and this scene flashed into white screen. It fades into the live action scene of my bedroom. I am now live action from my animated form and sleeping in my bed. Twilight in her Alicorn form and Mane 6 in pony forms were in my bedroom and try to wake me up)

Twilight: (put her hoof on my shoulder to shake me gently) Kristina, time to wake up.

Me: (turn to the left, yawning and then woke up) Morning...

Applejack: Good morning, Sugarcube. How was your sleep?

Me: Good. (sit up) Boy, I had a wonderful, magical, adventurous dream, but creepy with all these human sirens.

Rainbow: Uh, human sirens?

Me: Yes, they are called the Dazzlings who came into my city in California. They try to bribe and corrupt me with the green magic pendant so they can get me to join them and use me to turn against you, Sunset Shimmer and all of you in human forms who tried to tell me not to trust them because they are up to no good with evil tricks of their own. And at the end, you, Sunset and all of you, who are called the "Rainbooms", play music and sing a song that break me free from this evil corruption spell as well as the Dazzlings who are free also. Before I leave and ask you all to teach the Dazzlings to sing, Princess Luna in her Alicorn form came in and told me that we all must face our fears. That is all I told you.

Rarity: Well, speaking of Sunset Shimmer...

Twilight: That's why we're here to wake you up so you can get ready to meet Sunset in her Canterlot High School.

Me: (gasps with a grin) Meet Sunset in Canterlot High School?! Really? Even the human doubles of you all? :D

Twilight: Of course, the "human" doubles of us. Now go get ready.

Me: (toss down my fist) Hot dog! (jump off the bed and before I'm gonna ran out of here, I stopped and turned to Rarity) Oh! (turn to Rarity) Rarity, you got my high school outfit that I ask you to made them for me nicely?

Rarity: I certainly did, my dear.

Me: Good. I need to feel and look stylish, confident, this kind of fashion that goes with my own fashion taste and oh, I bet you remember that I don't like wearing dresses and skirts all the time. Oh, you can dye some of my hair strands pink and blue with some kind of hair dyes that contain no chemicals that I'm allergic to. Most serious hair dyes with chemicals are what I'm allergic to and they will make my head scalp white, dry and flaky.

Rarity: Oh. Right.

Me: Meanwhile, I'll go eat breakfast and then get myself prepared before we can leave to Friendship Rainbow Kingdom. (walk off)

(Meanwhile, the Diamond Dogs in gray human forms carry the burlap bags of jewels and gems that are found from the buried spots of the ground. Three red gems that are identical to Dazzling's red gems are slipping out of this bag that Rover is carrying and they are tumbling down the grassy hill. Suddenly, the human Dazzlings in their same hoodie outfits approach them so each of them pick them up and they grin evilly as these gems are glowing)

The End.
MLP:EG - Kristina Meets The Dazzlings final part 3
This is the final third part of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Kristina Meets The Dazzlings which is a story based on my dream journal, "I had MLP Equestria Girls with the Dazzlings dream". magic-kristina-kw.deviantart.c… 

But it's gonna be slightly different with some source material or something so Connor aka CmdrNIX and I decided to make it a bit better with some replaced quotes from wrong quotes or something to make it a better script quotes for the Dazzlings, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and Mane 6 renamed Rainbooms in colorful human forms.

This story is roleplayed and written by me and CmdrNIX

Plot Summary: This took place after My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks where the Dazzlings lost their powers since their magic red pendants were destroyed and cause them to lost their powers and their ability to sing. The Dazzlings end up in Los Angeles, California and wear their new green magic pendants that allow them to have same singing magic voices like the ones with red gem pendants. When I first met them, the Dazzlings invited me to their party mansion and I didn't know they are the real Dazzlings so I believe them to be fan actresses. Next day, when I entered to the party mansion after I was explained by Twilight Sparkle about those actresses I met were really the real Dazzlings and told me to be careful because I didn't know them as strangers, the Dazzlings are the ones who hosted their party and show their apology for their evil transgressions which makes me happy that they have change of hearts like Discord who was reformed and no longer an evil chaotic villain. They are planning to bribe me and persuade me into becoming a new fourth Dazzling member of their own with all the gifts, foods and their act of friendship since they learn the values of friendship so they corrupted me into an evil Dazzling member with the green pendant that Adagio Dazzle gave it to me. They did not have change of hearts at all. They are planning to take over the world with the help of me who they pull me away from Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms and use me to help them beat the Rainbooms and make them 2 times powerful once they get the fourth member is me. Will Sunset and the Rainbooms will find a way to free me from the evil corruption spell of the Dazzlings? Will I stuck as an evil corrupted member of the Dazzlings forever? Find out more if you read those chapters.

The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, Discord (mentioned), Twilight Sparkle, Mane 6 or Rainbooms in Equestria Girls styled colorful human forms, Sunset Shimmer, the songs "Let's Have A Battle of the Band" and "Under Our Spell", and more characters (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (or MLP: FiM for short), My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (or MLP: EQ - RR for short) and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (or MLP: EQ for short) by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios or Productions

Previous chapter: magic-kristina-kw.deviantart.c…
MLP EG RoFaR - Adagio find Melina cute by Magic-Kristina-KW
MLP EG RoFaR - Adagio find Melina cute
This is the scene from MLP:EG - The Robots of Friendship and Rock pt 1 where the Dazzlings met the Rockster Girls after Sonata Dusk approach them until Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze caught up to her. During their introduction to each other, Adagio find Melina adorable and innocent. magic-kristina-kw.deviantart.c…

Adagio Dazzle the leader of the Dazzlings, the locker room and style (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (or MLP:FiM and MLP:EG for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

CHS Background: Hallway And Lockers by :iconfavoriteartman:…

Adagio Dazzle's Cutie Mark by :icon90sigma:…

EqG Base: LET THE SHIPPERS SHIP! by :iconstripedegg:…
MLP EG - C3PO meets Zoey Halen by Magic-Kristina-KW
MLP EG - C3PO meets Zoey Halen
Zoey got tripped and C-3PO caught her so they happen to meet each other by accident. They suddenly gazed at each other's eyes as they have met each other for the first time. They are both speaking British accent, translating and speaking more than 80 languages which can be 6 million forms of communications, polite, quirky, sometimes worry-prone, sometimes fussy, intelligent and can be indignant when mistreated by individuals like Jabba the Hutt. They can also be a bit strict on people's rude, bad attitudes and behaviors meaning they can be both no-nonsense with stare-down attitudes.

C3PO/See-Threepio (C) Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO (or Star Wars Animated Adventures: Droids) the 1985 - 1986 animated television series created by George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Raymond Jafelice, Clive A. Smith and Ken Stephenson

Zoey Halen the member of the Rockster Girls (C) Me

Style (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (or MLP:FiM and MLP:EG for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

Collab base edited by me magic-kristina-kw.deviantart.c…

Original base by :iconthe-darkest-desire: the-darkest-desire.deviantart.…
MLP:FiM - Pony Melina is babysitting a filly by Magic-Kristina-KW
MLP:FiM - Pony Melina is babysitting a filly
Melina Thermopolis in her robotic cyborg pony form is babysitting a filly while her single father is away for working as a farmer. She is really sweet, fun-loving, even childlike and helpful to that filly who find her cute, but found it as a shame that she has to stay mute because if she talks too much, her voice will short circuited. However, this filly accepted her for who she is no matter how mute she is and Melina only talk less in order to save her voice.

Style (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (or MLP:FiM for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

Melina Thermopolis the member of the Rockster Girls (C) Me

Base by :iconrain-approves:…


Artist | Student | Other
United States
That's me, Kristina aka KristinaD121.

Nickname: Tinay and Miss Imaginary

Likes: Veggie Tales, Larry the Cucumber, Orko the Great from He-Man and the Masters of Universe, friends and family, every universe from all universes including Trolla, Montropolis and Ebon, Team Bloom(especially Juniper Ebonywood), playing video games, drawing, making books and stories, dresses that are cuter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, playing with Team Bloom and even my real friends in reality, adventures, Marvin the Martian, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain (though I've never been there before since my parents are scared of Six Flags), blue, singing(sometimes), dancing(sometimes), and staying home(frequently).

Dislikes: Rude people, anyone with bad language and attitude, someone gonna hurt, threat, tease and/or kidnap me and my friends, especially Team Bloom, immature people, Doctor Zoog from She-Ra: Princess of Power's episode, "The Greatest Magic"(my arch-enemy), getting in trouble, and bad things happen.

Fears: Snakes, reptiles, slimy animals, frogs, toads, lizards, scary movies including My Bloody Valentines, Gila Monsters, scorpions, spiders, Masahito Fujiwami(conquered), Mancorpus the Manticore(conquered), Veggie Tales in 16 years(conquered), anything I didn't like in garage sale, sea rays like I saw them in Aquarium, and murderers in Horror movies including Freddy Vs. Jason and My Bloody Valentines.

Occupation: Artist, drawer, author, singer, and book publisher.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, La Puente, California
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Classic, kids' various, Techno, and Oldies
Favourite style of art: Anime, Spongebob, Sonic, He-Man, Filmation, and cartoonish
Wallpaper of choice: Kristina the Trollan
Skin of choice: Trollan, robot and human(I think)
Favourite cartoon character: Orko, Spongebob Squarepants, Juniper Ebonywood and Mike Wazowski
Personal Quote: "Ha! I like to hear you see you try it" and "Peace out"
Guess what? I sign up as a new member of Robotics Club in my college today and it's about experience the robotics engineering and building. I wanna learn how to build robots so I can learn how to build my own full sized R2-D2 unit replica someday whether I moved out to my new home to get a new job or not. And then I will build my own female astromech droid named JD-X9 (or simply "Jadie"). :D

I learn from these parts.

Here's part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Final Part 5:

And you can see my playlist on YouTube, "Kristina's favorite Star Wars videos with R2D2 and C3PO".…

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