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Who is your favorite Rockster Girl and why? 

43 deviants said Melina Thermopolis MLP EG - Human Melina Thermopolis to cyborg form by Magic-Kristina-KW
9 deviants said Ashley Asey MLP EG - Human Ashley Asey to cyborg form by Magic-Kristina-KW
5 deviants said Zoey Halen MLP EG - Human Zoey Halen to cyborg form by Magic-Kristina-KW




Steven Universe - My Super K-Girl transformation by Magic-Kristina-KW
Steven Universe - My Super K-Girl transformation
After my clothes transform into Super K-Girl by the Garnet gem on my chest, my Garnet gem hairclip transform into a helmet as I float in the air and glowing red.

This is what it looks like at the end of my transformation sequence. I use Adobe Photoshop to give the layers of this PNG picture an outer and inner glow effects.

Style (C) Steven Universe the 2013 American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Base - Pearl's Regeneration! by Shiandu-Nikune Steven Universe Base - Pearl's Regeneration! by Shiandu-Nikune
Steven Universe - Me with redesigned helmet by Magic-Kristina-KW
Steven Universe - Me with redesigned helmet
In case of making a comic version of Connor Meet Steven Universe - Gem Girl or Not, I decided to redesign this helmet of Super K-Girl from the dress up game. I also slightly changed the short hair edge to make it like straight edge.

Style (C) Steven Universe the 2013 American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Base 8 by TheGlowstick Steven Universe Base 8 by TheGlowstick
In 3-story house of Katie Jadie, once the Dazzlings left to somewhere else, now it's just Katie Jadie and the Rockster Girls alone. They sat down on the couch in the living room. Ashley ask with a smile, "So Katie, what are we gonna do here while the Dazzlings left to the mall and your dad take Maple Sweet and Soccer Blast with him to CHS's Parent Visitation Day?"

Katie answered, "Well, before we can hang out and watch a movie together, I just found this comic book that came out of the statue portal and it's Star Wars: The New Destiny of Light. I look at it and it was very awesome with science fiction stuff, robots, space fighters and most of all, flying ships no one has ever seen."

Ashley commented with an amazed smile, "That sounds cool. Can we see it?"

"Same here." Zoey added while Melina beeps with her antennas in binary language.

"Sure." Katie nodded so they sat close and around her so they all can read this Star Wars comic book.

10 minutes later, they are at the last page. Zoey commented with a smile, "Wow, that 3PO is almost like me with his language translator power."

Melina beeps with her antennas. Zoey added, "Meli said she likes that R2-D2 robot because he beeps and bloops like her when beeping with antennas. He has cool various gadgets like hers."

Ashley commented, "And that Darth Vader is very cool in black armor, the cape and the helmet."

Katie commented, "And Luke Skywalker is an awesome Jedi fighter and a shooter."

She flip the page as she speaks. When she suddenly reaches the end of the comic, they finds a footnote in small, hard-to-read text. Ashley asked, "Hey, what's that?"

Melina digitally transform her right hand into a magnifying glass on the footnote so they can read it.

Zoey said, "Thank you, Meli."

Katie read, "You can return to the place you started when the Jedi mission is succeeded Take a closer look to join the adventure in this book.."

This causes a magic spell in the comic book to come to life, and Katie is sucked inside its pages as she screamed, "Aaaahh!!"

Ashley gasped, "Katie!" She grabs Katie's feet with her strength but no avail since this portal in the pages that is sucking Katie in is too strong. Ashley cried, "We'll get you out!" Zoey and Melina help Ashley pull Katie Jadie out. But all of them get dragged inside as well. The Star Wars comic book stop glowing white and closes itself.

Later in Tatooine, after the reward ceremory took place after the end of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker, C3PO and R2-D2 exit Han Solo's Millennium Falcon and they return to get something for his flying vehicle and the droids from his garage where he gave C3PO an oil bath. Tatoonie, the desert planet. A bustling area for scum and villainy, as many of its inhabitants would lie and deceive for an extra buck. The most feared and well known civilian of the planet was the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, whose gangsters were looking for the infamous bounty hunter Han Solo. Because of this being on the planet made the man a little anxious and as impatient as ever, "Hurry up and get it, Luke." He said with a snap.

It felt like a long time since Luke Skywalker had visited his home planet. Memories came back to him as he saw Uncle Owen's old homestead, some of it good, some of it bad. "It should only take it moment." He replied to his friend. At home the young Jedi once spent the majority of his free time in the garage, still remembering where every nook and cranny was. He quickly walked down the steps and immediately paused when he saw the girl and the cyborgs who are unconscious. It was Katie Jadie and the cyborg Rockster Girls on the ground. Katie Jadie is now wearing a Jedi outfit after she and the Rockster Girls sucked from their home to this Star Wars universe 20 minutes ago. He assumed that it was a Tusken Raider attack, but wondered why her parents or guardians were no where in sight.

"Luke? Master Luke?" Called the familiar voice of the protocol droid, "Han Solo is asking-" C3PO immediately paused, "Oh my! What happened here?"

"I think it was sand people," Luke answered, "We can't just leaved them here like this."

Katie and the Rockster Girls were still knocked out while C3PO suddenly saw Zoey.

"Master Luke," 3PO began, "These are the most curious droids I've ever seen."

"I think they're cyborgs." Luke mumbled slightly, still looking over the scenario.

"That makes them all the more curious!" 3PO commented, "The green one there has a similar build to many protocol droids."

"3PO look after them for a moment, I'll be right back." Luke turned and left. "As you wish." The faithful machine 3PO replied, standing calmly near the garage's entrance.

"Did you get it?" Han asked as Luke entered the Millennium Falcon.

"No, there's a girl and a couple of cyborgs inside that are passed out in there" He answered.

"What? Why would they be here?" Han was in a slight disbelief.

"I'm not sure," Luke admitted as he walked out of the ship holding a small case of water, "My guess is sand people."

Katie then woke up and groan to regain her consciousness, "Uh. Uh..." She started to get up.

C3PO looked at her, seeing that she was waking up. "Oh, Master Luke!" The droid called out excitedly as the young man walked down the steps.

"Coming!" The human replied as he entered the garage again. The robot turned to his companion, "One of them has awakened up."

"Oh, good!" Luke replied as he approached her, "Here, drink some water." He gently offered her a glass.

Katie added, "Thanks." When she grabs it and look up at Luke, she can't believe her eyes. She felt like it was her first time of meeting Luke Skywalker and the other famous characters including Han Solo, R2-D2 and Princess Leia. She was surprised and said, "You--You're Luke Skywalker the heroic Jedi who was born with some kind of power called the Force."

Luke was a little surprised by this. He still wasn't used to others referring him as a Jedi, he blinked and awkwardly replied, "I suppose." He wondered why this random girl would know this information, unless she was somehow part of the rebellion.

Katie added, "I saw you in my favorite comic book." She tried to find the comic book but it wasn't with her since they got sucked into the comic book that sent them to Star Wars universe. She groaned, "Oh no. My comic book was in my house. I remember it suck us into here this world."

Luke was greatly confused, he looked over to his droid and quietly asked, "Do you know what any of this means?"

"I'm afraid I don't." C3PO answered, equally as confused.

Then, the Rockster Girls started to wake up as well.

"Hey, your friends are waking up." Luke commented as he helped Katie get back onto her feet.

The Rockster Girls get up and look around. Ashley spoke with an American accent like Luke's American accent, "You're thinking what I'm thinking, girls?"

Zoey answered with her British accent which is the same one that C3PO spoke with a British accent, "I'm afraid we're in Tatooine, Ashley. Just like Katie show us the comic pictures of this place."

Melina beeps with her antennas that blinking in electric aura with binary language.

Zoey added, "You can say that again, Melina."

Luke wondered if they suffered some memory loss, it seemed odd that they had no idea where they were at.

"I can recognize that dialect anywhere!" 3PO said, approaching Zoey and Melina, "I believe I've never met a droid like yourself that spoke fluent binary."

Zoey wondered, "A droid? But I'm not a 'droid', sir. I'm a complete cyborg like my adopted sisters; Ashley the orange one and Melina the blue one. Melina here speaks binary with her antennas in case she is a different cyborg that has to be mute."

Melina beeps with antennas.

Zoey added, "And Melina said that if she talks way too much, her voice in her robotic throat will short circuited and it needs to be soothed and treated by a robotic voice oil."

"Oh! My apologies." 3PO spoke awkwardly, "I didn't know, but her means of speaking is quite similar to an astromech droid." He explained, assuming that they weren't familar with the language.

"And- how could I forget? I am C3PO, human-cyborg relations." He happily introduced himself.

Zoey smiled in amazement, "Wow, just like our friend here; Katie Jadie told us about you all, C-3PO and you had a nice British accent as mine."

Katie nodded, "That's right. I'm Katie Jadie and these are my favorite all girl singing celebrity band: the Rockster Girls."

Ashley added, "That's right. We are known to sing from time to time. I'm Ashley Asey the oldest leader and the sister of the Rockster Girls. This is Zoey Halen the middle sister and Melina Thermopolis the youngest sister. We are normally humans before we got turned into cyborgs by a mad scientist from one year ago."

"It's nice to meet you all, but are you a part of the rebellion?" Luke asked. He tried to be friendly, but he remained confused by the small group and how they appeared to know so much about him and 3PO.

Katie started to lie, "Why yes. We are with Jedi Rebellion against the Dark Sith Empire."

The young Jedi and the droid looked at each other. Luke was about to say something, but quickly stopped as Han entered the garage. "What's taking you guys so long?" The pilot Han Solo complained mildly.

"They say they're a part of the Rebellion." Luke replied.

Katie nodded, "That's right. I'm a new Jedi heroine with my cyborg droids here."

Zoey added, "And I am known to communicate and translate six million languages including Bocce and French."

"It's always nice to have another interpreter around." 3PO said pleasantly.

Han raised an eyebrow, "Are you pilot? A group of ours haven't been back in weeks."

Katie answered, "Actually, no. But Melina can drive."

Melina started to feel confused about what Katie said about her who knows how to drive.

Han briefly looked over Melina, "She looks a little young to be a pilot." He slightly frowned.

Melina beeps at Luke, asking him if he has a flying vehicle.

Zoey told Luke, "Melina was asking if you have a flying vehicle."

"I used to have a landspeeder, but you should ask my friend that instead." Luke had a slight smirk.

"Whoa, if you're even thinking about taking charge of the Millennium Falcon, you're out of your mind. I only pilot it." Han replied.

While they are talking, Princess Leia in her new outfit and Hoth hairstyle and R2-D2 walk out of the Millennium Falcon ship. R2D2 was operating on the large ship before he noticed everyone walking out of the garage. He asked who were the people with Luke, Han and 3PO. Leia wondered the same.

"Who are they?" Leia asked as they approached.

"They say they're members of the rebellion." Luke answered with Han adding, "Remember those pilots that disappeared a long time ago? I think they're them, but they don't a remember a thing."

Leia sighed, "That happened long before my attempted trip back to Alderaan... Most of the generals lost hope." She looked at the group made up by the four girls.

Melina whistles like R2-D2 and then beeps with her antennas with binary language and asking what generals that she was talking about.

Ashley wondered too, "What generals?"

R2D2 replied that he wasn't sure, he believed it was the majority of the generals that were concerned.

"Many of our generals were hesitant that we would see the pilots again, but it was mostly General Dodonna." Leia answered.

Katie added, "We're sorry, your Highness. We don't know anything about General Dodonna."

Ashley added, "Yeah."

Melina groans with her antennas with exact sad sounds of R2-D2.…

Leia frowned and looked back to Luke, "Are you sure they're with us?"

Katie said, "Actually, we are self-exiled girls like Obi-Wan Kenobi since Darth Vader became a new Sith emperor who I heard about with my Force sense and hunch. I would say my Katie Sense told me that."

Luke's eyes lit up, "Wait, you're really a Jedi?"

Katie nodded with a grin, "Why yes. I am a Jedi. I actually got away from the Jedi genocide caused by Darth Vader with my droids."

Ashley surprised, "Katie!"

Katie covered her mouth and whispered, "Shh! Play along as my Star Wars droids. We can't let them find out. Otherwise, they will think we are meddlers or spies, Ashley."

Ashley whispered in embarrassment, "Oh right." She cleared her throat and smiled at Luke, "Yes. We are Katie's droids here."

"I didn't know that any other Jedis survived! I don't think Obi-Wan knew either!" Luke was incredibly excited about this development.

3PO looked at Zoey, "Pardon me, but I thought you were a cyborg?"

Zoey started to blush when C3PO is talking to her, "Why yes. I was. I am a half protocol droid and half human. Ashley, Melina and I have human stomachs and human brains. But we gain robotic powers. We can eat human foods and drinks. We also need oil to get our body circuits going and chargers to recharge ourselves every night."

Ashley nodded, "That's right."

"Oh dear! I've heard of a replacement arms and legs, but never anything to that degree." The droid 3PO was sympathetic, "All that matters is that the both of you are still operating well."

Melina beeps with antennas again and saying that at least they still have human brains and stomachs. Especially to keep them alive and well is recharging themselves every night.

"Of course! Though I heard it's uncommon..." C-3PO's voice trailed off, fearing that he was being rude. "Every droid and cyborg is different in their own way." He added amiably.

Zoey said, "I see."

Melina turn and look at R2-D2 who is staring at her and appears that he was amazed of her and her binary language came from her antennas. R2D2 mentioned that he found her means of communication to be very interesting, then asked how it worked. Melina beeps at R2 and saying that she speaks with her antennas from her mind.

R2D2 beeped, saying that he thinks that's cool!

Melina whistles and then beep in thanks so she kneels down and hugs him thankfully. R2 was surprised by her hug, beeping happily.

Katie asked, "Anyway, are there any troubles going on here? We can help you all."

"The Empire has been looking for members of the Rebellion since of the destruction of the Death Star," Leia explained, "Their forces are becoming more powerful by the minute, I'm afraid to report that nearly every attack we have done has ended in failure or retreat."

Katie gasped in surprise, "Oooohh, now I remember that."

Unbeknownst to them, there was Boba Fett who is hiding behind the dome building and spy on them. The golden protocol droid who looks identical to C3PO except his eyes are red named C3PX who is with Boba Fett as his droid partner.

3PX had his arms crossed as he looked at the Tatoonie desert. His red eyes occasionally flickered, disgusted by the harsh environment.

"They're still close together," Boba Fett quietly commented to his partner, "Taking Han while his team surrounds him would be suicide."

This golden protocol droid 3PX turned and watched where they stood, "It looks like they got some new droids," He spoke curiously, "Isn't Jabba looking for another interpreter?"

"His previous one bit the dust." The bounty hunter Boba Fett replied, near mumbling because of his concentration.

An idea came to this evil robot. He had been trying to get Jabba's favor for sometime now, an extra present he believed could help.

Melina beeps at Luke and his gang with her antennas happily.

Zoey added, "Melina said that we would be happy to help you all so together we can complete the Jedi mission."

Ashley added, "Yeah so until the four of us can go back home once we finish the Jedi mission."

Chewbacca emerged from the ship, roaring triumphantly that one of the mechanical problems have been fixed.

Leia turned and looked at the group, "Let's get going, we don't have any more time to waste."

Katie grinned, "Alright! Let's go." All of them enter the ship. Zoey is the last one to go in as Boba and 3PX watch them.

Zoey stops and look around with a bad feeling that they are being watched. Boba Fett moved away cautiously, sensing that the cyborg Zoey knew that someone was around.

"Zoey, are you coming?" 3PO called.

Zoey snap out of her suspicion and turned to 3PO embarrassingly, "Oh, yes. I'm coming." She follow them inside. She commented at 3PO, "I must say that your body look seems related to my cyborg body like it made two of us looking similar except I am half human and you are a complete robot with same accent as mine."

"A lot of droids share our similarities," 3PO commented, "They are 3PO droids like myself and TC droids... I believe you might have more in common with the TC line." He added quizzically, "They're usually female."

Zoey blushed as they enter this ship and the door closes behind them, "Yes but I am more of a half human who can eat human foods and drinks."

"Really?" The droid 3PO was curious, "How could you do that?"

"It's simple. I had a human stomach and a brain. Your Master Luke was right about me and my sisters as cyborgs."

Outside, when the ship took off into outer space, Boba Fett turn and talk to 3PX who thought this was odd, but some of the concepts behind cyborgs and organic beings were beyond his understanding, "Come C3PX," Boba Fett walked to his ship, "I don't have anymore time to loose."

As the armored man was about to enter his ship, the golden protocol droid shot him a glare. "I am not your droid." He replied, vaguely brusquely.

The bounty hunter turned and looked at the machine for a moment, "Of course, friend." He responded, though his companion felt his compassion was halfhearted at best. They walk off to Jabba the Hutt's place.
MLP Rockster Girls' Star Wars Adventure pt 1
This is the first part of the crossover of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Star Wars called, "My Little Pony: Rockster Girls' Star Wars Adventure" and this story took place after MLP EG - The Return of the Rockster Girls and Star Wars between Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back.

Plot Summary: This story took place in Katie Jadie's house where Katie Jadie found the strange magic comic book from the statue portal and it was about Star Wars comic story which took place between Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back. Katie was revealed to be the biggest fan of Star Wars until she and the Rockster Girls got sucked into the magic comic book where they meet Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han, Lando, Chewie, R2-D2 and 3PO. The only way to get home is if they complete the Jedi mission with the help of Luke and his Jedi gang.

This crossover story is gonna be written by me and my friend who is a biggest Star Wars fan, larry3000 who is my right Star Wars roleplaying partner and we work with each other before until things have worked out so I welcome her to be my official Star Wars roleplay partner and I can ask her for help with Star Wars stories anytime I need. The Rainbooms and other My Little Pony: Equestria Girls characters including Flash Sentry won't appear in this story. Only the Dazzlings will appeared as cameo from the beginning and the ending of this story so Connor aka CmdrNIX will do the Dazzlings' part for the ending of this story I guess because :iconlarry3000: and I already got started in part 1 of this upcoming crossover story.

Katie Jadie the pink-skinned human student of Canterlot High School and the Rockster Girls: Ashley Asey the orange, oldest leader, Zoey Halen the middle green member and Melina Thermopolis the youngest blue member (C) Me

The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk (cameo) and Human Canterlot City (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (or MLP:FiM and MLP:EG for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca aka Chewie the Wookie, Princess Leia of Alderaan, R2-D2 (pronouced Artoo-Detoo), C-3PO (pronounced See-Threepio), Darth Vader (mentioned), Dark Sith Empire, Rodian aliens, Tatooine the desert planet, 3PO-series and TC-series protocol droids, Banthas, Tusken Raiders aka Sand People, astromech droids, Imperial Stormtroopers, Darth Sidious, Boba Fett as the adult bounty hunter, Jabba the Hutt, Oola the green female Twi'lek slave girl of Jabba and more (C) Star Wars directed by George Lucas

C-3PX the golden 3PO series protocol droid unit (C) larry3000
(Next morning, the Rockster Girls in cyborg forms and the Dazzlings woke up in the Rockster Girls' bedroom)

Rockster Girls: (yawn as they stretched their arms and unplug the charger cords)

Ashley: I'm feeling all charged up. B)

Zoey: Same here.

Melina: (hold up her "OK" hand gesture to show that she is all okay) I'm all okay and charged up as well. ;)

Sonata: (yawns and stretches) Morning, Mellie.

Adagio: Morning, girls. (Aria just groans tired)

Zoey: Goodness, Aria, what happened to you? You look tired. :worry:

Adagio: She's just not a morning person. :shrug:

Zoey: Maybe some tea can make her body and brain feel refreshing so she can feel awake, that's all. Like peppermint tea.

Sonata; Tea... from candy canes? Blecch!

Zoey: No, Sonata. Peppermint tea is a herbal tea made from an infusion of peppermint, Mentha piperita. It is sometimes called mint tea. It is naturally caffeine-free. A tea made from blending peppermint and spearmint leaves is referred to as doublemint tea. Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways, due to its ability to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, cure bad breath, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system. Its impact on the digestive system is considerable, and its base element of menthol is perhaps the most valuable part of its organic structure. Quite simply, peppermint tea is an infusion made from peppermint leaves that is drunk as a tea. When you mix spearmint leaves to the tisane (infusion), then you get what’s called doublemint tea. This substance is caffeine-free, so many people who suffer from sensitive sleep patterns like to drink this relaxing tea before bed. The scientific name of peppermint is Mentha piperita, and is actually a cross between water mint and spearmint. It is native to Europe, but its popularity and wide range of uses has made peppermint a global commodity. Peppermint tea is similarly enjoyed around the world. Peppermint oil is a popular form of medicinal treatment, particularly for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We see similar effects from ingesting peppermint tea. The mentholated flavor is very appealing to many people, making this one of the more popular tea varieties in the world. Tea is known to be soothing for sure.

Sonata: Uh... and you said it could help Aria feel more awake? (Aria unintelligibly grumbles, "Go back to sleep, Sonata")

Zoey: Never mind that, Sonata. Maybe some breakfast meals and drinks will made us feel refreshed by energy from within the nutritious food we ate that contain protein, vitamins and fiber.

Sonata: Okay!

Adagio: Then let's mosey on into the kitchen and have ourselves some breakfast.

Katie: (walk in, looking exhausted and her hair is messy)

Adagio: And a good morning to you, Katie.

Katie: Before we go to school after breakfast, I spend overnight making dresses for the Rockster Girls. (Drag the rolling clothes rack in with one hand) See? I worked very hard on them...(yawns)

Adagio: Hmm...

Sonata; Ooh, fancy! (Aria just groggily grunts in approval)

Adagio: Sorry. She's not a morning person.

Katie: Oh, well, that's her problem. ^^; Anyway, good thing I got a big help from Rarity and I give her nap breaks whenever I'm sewing during overnight.

Adagio: Oh, really? Shall we discuss this over breakfast?

Katie: Sure.

(Later downstairs, the Rainbooms, the Dazzlings, the Rockster Girls and Katie's family are eating whole grain pancakes, fiber cereal, sunny side up eggs, fruit salads, pitcher of orange juice and other pitcher of water)

Sonata: Hey, Mellie, are you sure you, Ashley and Zoey can drink those? I mean, you are cyborgs.

Melina: (nods and beeps with her antennas)

Zoey: She said yes. I remember she drank fruit punch and apple cider given by Applejack while she is a cyborg and we don't get easily electrocuted since we have human stomachs and brains since I am aware you forgot things easily like Aria told me about you being so forgetful and all that.

Sonata; All right.

Aria: (still feeling groggy) You forgot to mention that she was the worst.

Sonata: You are!

Zoey: I know, Aria but I don't wanna say this because I am aware she is innocent, childlike and nosy as Melina. I was afraid she will get offended if we call her that like the last time you call her the worst until Adagio call you two "idiots" from the day we first met.

Aria: Yeah, yeah... (guzzles down her glass of orange juice)

Soccer Blast: Geez, she is not a morning person than I thought.

Maple Sweet: Maybe after school, I think we could respect her space if she takes a nap, Soccer Blast. (To Aria) What do you think, Aria?

Aria: I don't do "naps". :X

Adagio: Give her a little time. She'll come around. ^^;

Maple Sweet: Okay then. <8)

Soccer Blast: We'll give her space with respect. Anything we can do to respect Aria. :)

Adagio: Good.

Katie's dad: So how was the breakfast I cooked, everyone?

Sonata: It was delicious, Mr. Jadie. Or is it Mr. Jade? What do we call you again? :?

Aria: Ugh, go back to sleep, Sonata.

Katie: Just call my dad, "Mr. Jadie." :)

Sonata: Really? It doesn't sound right. I mean, you have a brother named Soccer Blast and a sister named Maple Sweet. I assumed he'd have a different name.

Katie: Well, it's hard to explain but Applejack got a younger sister, Apple Bloom and her older brother; Big Mac or Macintosh. (Turn to Applejack who is eating whole grain pancakes) Right, Applejack? :)

Applejack: Yep. The Apple family all got their names from different apples, while I do have an aunt and uncle who are from the Orange family.

Katie: You can assume Soccer Blast and Maple Sweet have same last names at the end of their names like "Soccer Blast Jadie" and they both have skin colors from my dad and my pink skin from my mother who move out for business trip to work on maple trees to harvest syrups. (Show a photo of her mother who is harvesting syrup from the maple tree to them)

Sonata: Oh, I see.

Katie: So Rainbooms, what do you think of the breakfast meal my dad cooked? :)

Pinkie: Delish!

Rarity: It is rather appetizing.

Katie: And they're nutritious with protein, vitamins and fiber. :)

(After breakfast...)

The Rockster Girls: (came out from their bedroom and wore their party dresses)

(Ashley Asey wore a Gothic Victorian steampunk dress and her mini black top hat with a skull bow on it. Katie duplicate Ashley's bottom leg parts and feet so she can recolor the orange colors into dark purple and then the feet dark purple and black so they can match her dress. Ashley also wore her long hair into a ponytail braid and her bangs into Disney Ariel-like side swept fringe so she can look elegant, Gothic Victorian and steampunk. She also got a cane with the head of Jack Skellington on front and Jack Skelling's neck bow with bat wings on back of this cane. She has a silver Gothic skull necklace around her neck. Melina Thermopolis wore a colorful kimono with short skirt with colorful Japanese flowers all over them, yellow ribbon bow belt on her back, yellow belt sash, white waist wrapper or corset with Japanese blossoms on it. She also wore a lotus flower magnet on the side of her head since her golden headband-like part of her head is metallic so some magnets are attracted to her metal headband. Her long hair was tied in a partial ponytail with a hair clip that has two small lotus flowers on it and it was difficult to design her long hair into different Japanese hairstyles pretty much due to her headband with antennas that stuck to her head or scalp during her cyborg form meaning she can't take this metallic headband off. And finally, Zoey Halen wore a Spring floral goddess-like or princess-like dress and long, wavy hair tied in half pigtails with daisy hairclips on them. She wore long pale yellowish-green fingerless gloves, white and pale yellow-green sleeveless shirt with spaghetti straps around her neck in v-shaped straps, daisy on front, leaves around the upper shirt edge and green vines with green leaves around the bottom shirt edge, her normal cyborg feet are replaced into new ones with white high heels, daisy earrings and a same skirt as Aria Blaze's concert skirt is a yellow-green skirt cut high in front to expose her legs.)

Adagio: Hmm... not bad. It makes you look a little spooky.

Sonata: Wow, Mellie, you look really fancy in that dress!

Aria: The colors may be bright, but you look a little... hmm, what's the word I'm looking for?

Zoey: Serene or prissy?

Aria: Both, actually.

Ashley: What about you, Rainbooms? You all look stylish and great. :)

Pinkie: Fancy, fancy!

Rarity: I was proud to make these outfits.

Ashley: Yeah, you and Katie made a fashionable teamwork and we love it.:) (Twirl herself around and twirl her cane like a baton) I feel more like a Skull Queen, Pumpkin Queen or Spooky Halloween Duchess. ^^

Melina: (bows in Japanese way) Arigato, Rarity. I love it because it was so kawaii and colorful. ^^

Zoey: "Arigato" means "Thank you" in Japanese. And I'll say that I feel so floral and serene like a Spring floral goddess or a princess of Irish springland with lovely green hills, flowers and when you hear a beautiful harmonic flute and harp music that spread around the Irish green land. Even though I am British. :)

Rarity: Well, then... shall we?

Rockster Girls: Sure. :)

(Then, Fluttershy comments to Zoey about her dress)

Fluttershy: I like your dress, Zoey. It reminds me so much of my little animal friends at the shelter.

Zoey: Thank you, Fluttershy, my friend. I love the green colors on your dress and it has pretty butterflies serene as my flowers on my dress and hair. :)

Fluttershy: Oh, thank you. Rarity designed my dress, too, you know.

Rainbow: She designed all our outfits for the Fall Formal.

Rarity: I was surprised they didn't get all dusty and torn when Sunset turned into that raging she-demon. (to Sunset) No offense.

Sunset: None taken. Heh, I'm used to it.

Katie: So, you girls go ahead. I might need Rarity's help making new dresses for the Dazzlings. :) (Took out Adagio's Rainbow Rocks concert dress that was a little torn and messy since the Dazzlings flee from the stage when the crowd throw food at them) And we're gonna fix Adagio's dress. :)

Adagio: What? New dresses? :?

Katie: Yes. One for Sonata and one for Aria. Your dress from the concert seems to be damaged so we're gonna fix it for you but to make it more better than you imagine by redesigning it a bit, Adagio. :)

Adagio: Okay...

Sonata: So, are you gonna show our dresses, or are they going to be a surprise?

Katie: A surprise of course, Sonata. ^^

Maple Syrup: (walks in with her twin brother; Soccer Blast) I bet you are gonna be cute as Melina. (Walk up to Melina who place her arm around Maple Sweet's back and had her hand on Maple Sweet's shoulder) Melina is too cute to babysit me when I can't sleep last night and gave me a music box with a soothing lullaby song. :)

Sonata: Okay, then.

(Later in Canterlot High School, everybody including the students of Crystal Prep, Diamond Dogs in human forms, the students of CHS and the Rainbooms are in the gym party with a huge sign said "Welcome, Dazzlings and Crystal Prep!" And they are hanging out. The Rockster Girls gently drag the Dazzlings who are blindfolded by white clothes by the hands)

Ashley: Okay, Dazzlings. You can take them off now. :)

Adagio: (takes her blindfold off) Whoa...

Aria: (takes her blindfold off) Whoa...

Sonata: (takes her blindfold off) WOW! Uh... why does it look like you took out the "Welcome Crystal Prep" banner from the Friendship Games and wrote "Dazzlings plus" above it?

Ashley: To welcome you all three!

Everyone: (agreeing with Ashley)

(The Shadowbolts approach the Dazzlings and the Rockster Girls)

Ashley: Hi, Shadowbolts. Wow, you are wearing the same nice uniforms as usual. :)

Lemon Zest: Wow! Rocking the goth look, Ash!

Indigo Zap: Totally!

Sunny Flare: (looks at Melina's dress) I've never seen this particular style before...

Sour Sweet: (sweet) Wow, Zoey! You look very pretty! (sour) Pretty prissy...

Sugarcoat: What matters is you all look good in those outfits.

Ashley: Unlike the one you said I look like a ruffian or a barbarian girl with bracelet that has spikes when we were kids and now you changed when you girls grown up. I remember you used to be blunt until now you end up being honest as Applejack. :)

(In Ashley's flashback, Young Ashley sat down on the swing next to Young Sugarcoat who is sitting on another swing)

Young Ashley: Hi, Sugarcoat. :)

Young Sugarcoat: Your clothes that look like a ruffian or a barbarian are little bit dirty so you should consider keeping them clean and neat without dust all over them.

Young Ashley: Oh, okay. ^^;

(End of Ashley's flashback...)

Ashley: I'll never forget that and now my Gothic Victorian dress is neat, elegant but dark and clean, Sugarcoat. :)

Sugarcoat: ...yeah.

Katie: Good thing I design nice dresses for you, Dazzlings and they fit your characteristic look and personalties. For example, Sonata loves pink and she was funny, girly and cheerful. Aria, you may be act like a boring girl but you got the nice rebellious stylish nature and Adagio, you look pizazz and it was like you love triangles on your fashionable outfit. At least you kept your same dress from the concert where we got hypnotized. ^^

Adagio: Oh, really? Let's see the dresses.

Katie: (zip off and then zip back in with clothes rack with the Dazzlings dresses) Here they are. Good thing I help Rarity as her assistant. :)

Rarity: I would've done it all by myself, but darling little Katie was hard to say no to. (pets her head)

Katie: And I am a fashion genius who knows different kinds of fashion clothes that go with their specific personalities, their own fashion themes and tastes, Rarity. :)

Ashley: Wow, Katie, you are super multi-talent and multi-special with various talents, smart brains and skills you know. :)

Katie: I know and I even call my own hunch and different senses called "Katie Sense" or "Katie Instinct" like when my heart trembles in my chest, it means I had a bad feeling about something bad and scary to happen. When my eyelashes twitch, it tells me what weather is gonna happen now and in the future. ^^

Pinkie: That's kind of like my Pinkie Sense, except it's a different person.

Katie: (laughing) It looks like it's you and me both, Pinkie. ;)

Rainbow: Yeah, I challenged Katie to a soccer game a little while ago, and I scored a few goals.

Katie: And I scored so many. :D Speaking of goals, good thing there are archery game, skating race and motorbike race for fun activities to see who is best.

Melina: (walks in and wore an Olympic-like archer outfit. She wore a white flowing veils attached to the front and back of the panty or belt which has striking resemblance to the Greek goddess Aphrodite panty with flowing veils attached to the front and back of the panty or belt, her long black hair tied in a thick, wavy ponytail, dark blue arm band on her left golden arm and wore a silver chest armor. She smirks like Sonata Dusk)

Sonata: Wow, Mellie! You look good. :)

Applejack: Y'all think that's good; you should see how Katie here helped with the refreshments. :)

Katie: Totally true and I love her apples she harvested. ^^

Rarity: Oh, dear, we've gone off topic! You must try your dresses on!

Adagio: Okay...

Sonata: You mind waiting? Don't look! ;)

Melina: (guide the Dazzlings to the restrooms quietly with a smile) :)

Sunset: Uh, there is a girls' locker room.

Melina: (beeping with her antennas)

Zoey: She said that she suggest the Dazzlings to change in the girls' bathroom where it would be the right place. It's binary language I translate from Melina in her cyborg form in case she can't talk too much or her voice will short circuited just to remind you.

Sunset: Oh. Right.

Adagio: Come on, girls.

Melina: Well, since we gave up our human forms, it is a shame that I have to go back to be the old or new "Blue Mute Melina" again for life. :(

Aria: And Zoey will have to go back to "Greeny McSmartmouth". :giggle:

Zoey: (smirks like Aria as she rolls her eyes and folded her arms. She did a similar pose of Aria Blaze, except with her smirk) "Greeny McSmartmouth". None taken. Heh, I'm used to it. B)

Ashley: And I don't need this oil can hat anymore so I look better without it and I like my hair accessory with spikes than this silly hat. This hat with antenna is kinda a bit heavy so I took it off and leave it in my locker. :)

Adagio: Okay...

Ashley: Sorry, Adagio. Especially your hair accessory with spikes is making me feel nostalgic about this accessory of mine and I wore my skull earrings. ^^ (felt Indigo Zap places bare hand on her shoulder)

Indigo Zap: Hey, Ash, can I be honest with ya? We don't really care if you are a cyborg, a robot, or whatever! We're still your friends, and we like you and your sisters just the way you are! (The other Shadowbolts agree)

Melina: (walk up to Lemon Zest and listen to her headphone carefully with her ears and antennas to make sure it was not too loud. Luckily it was not loud) :)

Zoey: Melina was making sure your headphones aren't too much loud, Lemon Zest so I think she wants to hear what this music is like. :)

Lemon Zest: No problem, dude!

(She took off her headphone so both she and Melina listen to this music in the headphone. They seem to enjoy it)

Melina: (whistling with joy like R2-D2) ^^

Zoey: It seems like she likes your music, Lemon Zest. :)

Lemon Zest: And I don't even play in any bands! :D

Ashley: Maybe you can join in the stage with me and my sisters and you can dance whatever you want with your own style. You love to mingle and dream about rocking in the show. You can be my backup singer if you like even I consider you and Shadowbolts as my fans and friends. :)

Sugarcoat: I think we would rather sit with the audience.

Ashley: Okay, if you say so, Sugarcoat. :) (to Human Twilight and Sunset) Who wants to join us on the stage while we're performing our music? :)

Sunset: I'll do it.

Ashley: What about you, Twilight? :)

Human Twilight: Well... I guess it can't hurt to try.

Ashley: Alright! Let's go! ^^

(Later at the stage, Sunset, Human Twilight and the Rockster Girls got onstage. Melina got a new upgraded drums that can make different drum sounds like bongo. She is not wearing her Olympic archer outfit. Then, they start performing the song "Dance Magic".… Ashley is strumming her orange rock electric guitar, Melina plays drums and Zoey plays her light green keytar)

Ashley: (starts strumming her guitar) :)

Sunset Shimmer: (hold up the microphone and sings) :music: I feel it stirrin' deep down inside my soul
The rhythm's takin' hold
And it's about to roll. :music:

Human Twilight: (sang next to Sunset who hold the mic close to her) :music: A million sparkles falling across the floor
So DJ give it more
It's what we're looking for. :music:

Rockster Girls: :music: Dance the night away
All our friends right by our side
It doesn't matter what style you bring
We're about to go on that ride (Hey!) :music:

All: :music: It's dance magic
Once you have it
Let your body move
Step into the music. :music:

Zoey: (performs her keytar as she pony up)

All: (singing as Sunset, Ashley and Melina pony up) :music: It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music! :music:

Pinkie Pie: (rapping as she went onstage and wore black squared sunglasses) :music: Doesn't matter what style you've got :music:
(Standing next to Melina who smiles at her rapping) :music: Just keep dancin' on that spot :music: (Went up to Ashley who is strumming her electric rock guitar)
:music: Friends like you for who you are :music:
(Zip up to Zoey who look at her and smiles) :music: Dance queen, on the scene, superstar! :music: (Went up to the edge of this stage and keep rapping while the Shadowbolts dance)
:music: Crystal Prep, you've got the moves
Rainboom bringin' all the grooves
Put it together and make it fit
Crystal Rainbooms, dance magic :music:

Rockster Girls: :music: Dance the night away
All our friends right by our side
It doesn't matter what style you bring
We're about to go on that ride (Hey!) :music:

All: :music: It's dance magic
Once you have it
Let your body move
Step into the music
It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music. :music:

Ashley, Sunset and Human Twilight: :music: Crystal Rainbooms got a style that's all our own :music:

Pinkie, Melina and Zoey: :music: Dancin' nonstop, body movin' in the zone :music:

All: :music: Bring whatever style you got
Cause the party is goin' on
It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music! :music::music:

(Song ends)

(The audience cheers)

Rockster Girls: (walk up to the stage edge and bow) ^^

Adagio: (off-screen) Aria! Get over here!

Aria: (off-screen) No! I don't want to go out there! It's too embarrassing!

Adagio: (off-screen) Don't be ridiculous! I've seen girls wearing dresses lots of times!

Sonata: (off-screen) Katie made these dresses for us! Do it for her!

(They came in and they come out nice. Adagio wore the same dress from the concert except it was a bit half redesigned by Katie and Rarity so her skirt has some triangular blings on her skirt and her blazer's sleeves has each blings on it. Sonata's pink party dress has light pink puffy sleeves, dark pink top with glitters and light pink skirt is round as Adagio's skirt and same concert boots. This time, her hair holder accessory was dark pink instead of dark blue. Aria wore dark purple and black dress so it consists of black sleeveless top with neck straps, dark purple ripped skirt, long light teal green fingerless gloves which matches her hair streak colors and same dark purple concert shoes.)

Rarity: Oh my stars... you three look fabulous!

Katie: Good thing I fix Adagio's dress except we half redesign it by adding some blings in different shapes on it to make her look pizazz. :) (to Aria) And you, Aria, you may look nice, but you look rebellious compare to you old concert dress. And Sonata, you look adorable and the pink color suits you and your girly behavior. ^^

Aria: Do you really think I look nice? I thought it was a little revealing...

Katie: Come on, you did wear your old concert dress that was kinda revealing a little bit when we got hypnotized by your pendants. ^^ Oops sorry. I don't want to bring up your past of reputation and I want you three to move on to the good future. ^^;

The Rockster Girls: (approach them as they revert to normal from their pony up forms)

Ashley: What do you think of this song we sang? :)

Adagio: It was... nice...

Sonata: Hello? It was totally awesome! The only reason Adagio didn't like it was because ever sicne our old pendants were destroyed, we were completely drained of our old Equestrian magic! (Adagio gives a "cut it" gesture to Sonata) What? What did I say?

Rockster Girls: (confused of what Sonata mean their Equestrian magic drained)

Ashley: What do you mean about being drained of your Equestrian magic, Sonata?

Adagio: Well, when we turned the Canterlot High School Musical Showcase into a Battle of the Bands, we were nearing victory into getting this world to do our bidding, but since our original pendants were destroyed by Princess Twilight Sparkle, we were drained of our Equestrian magic. Our voices had also worsened until you helped us get better.

Sonata: Ohhhh, yeah. Th-What she said I meant to say. That's what I meant. To say.

Aria: (sighing disgustedly) And what you would have said if you weren’t the worst.

Sonata: (needled) You are!

Zoey: (gently nudge both Sonata and Aria with an embarrassing smile) Alright, Aria and Sonata. Let's not talk about this past now. What matters is that you three have been reformed and now things have changed in this present to future. <8)

???: Sunset! There you are! I didn't get your message until just a minute ago. What did you mean by "I can stay in Equestria"? Was there a problem? (The Dazzlings glance over the Rockster Girls and suddenly see Princess Twilight Sparkle in her human form)

Adagio: YOU!

Twilight: Huh? (recognizes the Dazzlings and reacts sheepishly) You...

Dazzlings: GET HER! (they Dazzlings chase after Princess Twilight)

Fluttershy: Adagio, Sonata, Aria, no!

Rainbow: Not again!

Rarity: No! You'll ruin your dresses!

Ashley: Let me handle this again. (extend her arms and wrap her extending arms around the Dazzlings like tentacles and lift them off the floor as Human Twilight stood next to Ashley) Hey! What did we say about hurting people when we did our best to redeem you three and help you learn the thing about true friendship and love? >8(

Adagio: Put us down! This time it's different! That's Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria!

Ashley: Not until we sort things out! (Turn to Princess Twilight) Your highness, this may sound crazy and confusing, but they're not evil anymore so you have to give them the second chance! They were manipulated by Siren Queen Eris and we show them the true friendship!

Twilight: Queen Eris is back?! But I thought Kristina sent the Crystal of Light into the ocean!

Katie: Actually, it was some sailors who are looking for treasure I knew by my hunch and "Katie Sense."

Ashley: It's true. Queen Eris use these Dazzlings as her pawns so she steals their powers, their gems and negative energy until she attack them so we sacrifice ourselves to save those Dazzlings from Eris. We don't know what happened since Eris was defeated by Sunset which Katie has said and show us the video of this whole fighting thing including Sunset destroy the magic pendant and magic bracelets Eris was using.

Zoey: And but, we don't know about "Kristina".

Katie: And what matters is Eris has been defeated and powerless. She is no longer a siren queen anymore without her magic pendant and bracelets. She is now a powerless, harmless woman who banish herself to a different world and start her life as a normal, harmless human woman rather than being a siren.

Gloria Goldie: (walks in and wear her yellow and black plain party dress) That would be true. I'm also impressed that the Dazzlings have returned the favor to the Rockster Girls for sacrificing themselves to save them by recharging and reactivating them.

Princess Dream Light the First: (walk in) And we all forgive those Dazzlings after they learn the real meaning of true friendship and love so we welcome them to Canterlot High School, Twilight. :)

Zoey: And funny how Eris act nice and sweet when disguise herself as a replacement principal of CHS when she met us until she show her true evil, cruel, sadistic self.

Katie: Luckily I find out Eris is a siren who is up to no good with both my "Katie Sense" and my...(took out her siren detecter) Siren detector. :)

Twilight: Sunset defeating Eris I can understand, but... the Dazzlings doing something nice? I have a hard time believing that. :hmm:

Katie: (show Twilight her iPhone video of Dazzlings helping Katie, Human Twilight, Spike, the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts pull the dead Rockster Girls out from the holes and the Dazzlings plug the chargers onto the Rockster Girls. She swipe the screen to go to next video of the Rockster Girls reactivated)

Ashley: (look at herself) What happened? I thought we were dead as dead batteries. :?

Adagio: You were... until you showed us what true friendship is... (hugs Ashley)

Aria: Eris is gone now... and is no longer our queen... (hugs Zoey) You'll probably never forgive us for that...

Sonata: But any taco Tuesday is worth missing if it's for a friend... (hugs Melina)

Ashley: Yes.

Katie: Actually, Rockster Girls, the Dazzlings are the ones who recharge you all just to return the favor to you all for sacrificing yourselves to save them with their true act of unselfish friendship. :)

Rockster Girls: Wow. :)

Ashley: Dazzlings, we love to say is...(hugs Adagio back) We forgive you. ^^

Zoey: (hugs Aria back) As true friends who help you all in need. ^^

Melina: (hugs Sonata back) And as new family as well. ^^

(Everybody including the Shadowbolts cheer in celebration around the Rockster Girls and the Dazzlings)

Katie: (pause this iPhone video she recorded) See, your highness? Does this convince you enough now? :)

Twilight: Wow... (turns to the Dazzlings) I'm proud of you, girls. :)

Adagio: It just felt right. :grump:

Twilight: That's why I'm proud. :)

Sonata: Can you put us down now, Ashley? We don't want our dresses wrinkled because of you. :worry:

Rarity: Oh, heavens, we wouldn't want that! :worry:

Ashley: Oh, sorry. ^^;

Zoey: But since Princess Twilight forgive you I sensed with my brain, promise not to hurt her?

Adagio: Okay... we promise not to hurt the princess.

Ashley: Good. :) (put them down and uncoil them with her extending arms that are retracted to normal arm lengths) Well, Your Highness, what do you think the way we are responsible of reforming the Dazzlings while showing them true friendship and love?

Zoey: Even when we pony up since two days ago, your human lookalike; Twilight here accidentally release the magic that caused an Equestrian magic incident until this magic exploded and one of its comet hit us and gave us magic powers to pony up.

Ashley: At least now we forgive her and thank her for giving us powers to transform. Even it was just an accident and we teach her how to live, move on from her bad past and how to be happy with true, nice friends. :) (turn to Human Twilight) No offense, Twilight. ^^;

Human Twilight: None... taken? (looks at Sunset)

Sunset: You get used to it.

Twilight: Well, it seems that Sunset was right; I don't really feel like I'm needed here because you handled things well. So, I guess I'll be on my way. (turns away to leave)

Ashley: But wait, you haven't seen us pony up yet so we'll show you. :) (Turn to Melina and Zoey) Come on, sisters. To the stage.

Rockster Girls: (zip off to the stage to play music)

Ashley: (start shredding her guitar fast with joy and confidence until she glows orange and pony up) >)

Zoey: (start shredding or performing her green keytar so she glows green and pony up) >D

Melina: (beating and playing her drums until she glows dark blue and pony up) >) (then hit the drum cymbal with her drumstick) :D

Twilight: Whoa! What happened?

Human Twilight: Um... I happened.

Ashley: Like we said, the Equestrian magic explosion incident is what giving us powers to pony up forever and we thank Twilight for that, Your Highness. :)

Human Twilight: (looks at the other Twilight) Uh, was she talking to you or me?

Zoey: Princess Twilight, of course so we call her "Your Highness." While your "twin" that we always call her "Twilight", Your Highness.

Twilight: Well, that makes things less complicated.

Pinkie: If by "less complicated", you mean aside the fact that the Twilight from this world puts her hair up and wears glasses, and used to go to our rival school Crystal Prep, and has little to nothing to do with Flash Sentry, and doesn't know anything about friendship unlike you, who is a princess from another world who discovered this world accidentally when you came here accidentally to stop Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings before we met your counterpart in this world-- (inhales deeply) then yes, that makes things WAY less complicated.

Katie: (walk up to Princess Twilight and places her hand on her shoulder) Your highness, your lessons of friendship and stuff have inspired me to teach Twilight about friendship, science and the things I know. I study friendship, science, filming, farming, parties, fashion designs, costume designs, sports, nature of life and animals, magic, myth and math about, like, all the time. I am mostly the student of the filming class of Canterlot High School. And you two are rarely pretty and smart as me. Except I am more atheltic and creative in fashion designing and science stuff. :D

Twilight: I can see that. Mind if I see your siren detector?

Katie: Why sure. Be my guest. (Hands Princess Twilight her siren detecter) Even when sirens are in human forms and different disguises, it can tell me their sirens by detecting their siren identity energy so their looks never fool me. (Zips off and then zip back in with Gloria Goldie who is still shy as Fluttershy) For example, Gloria Goldie who is a fellow siren.

(The green arrow in its siren detecter turns red and it points at Gloria Goldie)

Katie: See? :)

Twilight: Impressive! It has a built-in energy reader that detects a Siren's magical frequencies...

Human Twilight: ...and measures the output on a subatomic level...

Both Twilights: it can tell whether a siren is present in the area! :D

Katie: Exactly. :)

Gloria: It was real impressive. <8) (walk up and almost bump into Fluttershy) Oh!

Fluttershy and Gloria: Please excuse me.

Twilight: I can see the similarities to Gloria and Fluttershy.

Gloria: (smiles sheepishly) I hardly see that. (Smiles confidently) And right now, I can sing well thanks to the Rockster Girls. (Inhales and sings, her voice sounds similar to Fluttershy's singing voice like her real speaking voice is related to Fluttershy's voice compare to Sonata's voice sounds similar to Pinkie Pie's voice.) :music: Ah-ah-ah. Aah-ahh...:music: ^^ See? I sing better with my improved singing voice before I meet Fluttershy. We share about our love for animals and stuff. :)

Fluttershy: We have so much in common.

(Both Fluttershy and Gloria Goldie laugh)

Gloria: And now I found this stray yellow kitten lost in the street, wash it and took it here. She is now my adopted pet and her name is Goldie. :) (took out her yellow kitten named Goldie from her backpack)

Goldie: Mew. Mew. ^^

???: Did I just see her cat?

Human Twilight: Oh, no...

Puppy Spike: (jumps out of Human Twilight's backpack) Let me at it! (barks at Goldie the cat)

Goldie: (got scared by Spike) MEOW!!! :fear: (jump back into Gloria's backpack)

Zoey: Twilight, I think I suggest you to put a leash on your dog; Spike so he won't reach Gloria's cat. :worry:

Human Twilight: I'll take that under consideration.

Twilight; Wait, this is YOUR Spike? My Spike is a fire-breathing baby dragon! How did yours be able to talk?

Human Twilight: Again, my fault. (shows her pendant)

Katie: Don't worry about the past for now, Twi. Anyway, how about we have a nice picnic of friendship when the party is over all together by the portal statue? We can't wait to meet Kristina you are talking about. :)

Ashley: I hope the Shadowbolts can join too. After all, they are my childhood friends from 3 years ago. (Look at Flash Sentry) Your highness, when you told me you like Flash, I guess I can let him live his love life with you and I am just his childhood friend at all from back when we were kids. <8)

Twilight: You were Flash's childhood friend?

Human Twilight: We would be delighted.

Ashley: I am. He teach me how to play guitar and I teach him how to sing before next week he moved out to this place. :happycry:

(Then, Flash Sentry approach them)

Flash: Hey, guys, what's-- (sees Twilight) Twilight! (they hug)

Ashley: :happycry:

Sunset: Jealous? (smirks slyly)

Ashley: No. I'm not. ^^; (look back at Flash and Twilight embracing each other) I just love this touching romantic moment between Flash and Princess Twilight. :happycry:

Sunset: I know; I was just messing with you. Flash is a great guy and all, but I never really liked-him liked him. I was-- I mean, the old me was just using him to become more popular.

Ashley: I see.

Katie: I have to ask again for twice if you don't mind. How about we have a nice picnic of friendship outside by the horse statue all together when this party is over? I think meeting Kristina might be nice. :)

Sunset: Sure, that'd be fine.

Ashley: What about you, Shadowbolts? :)

Indigo Zap: What do you think, girls? Should we join them?

Sunny Flare: Well, we wouldn't want to impose.

Sugarcoat: Twilight had imposed in a Cinch once.

Lemon Zest: (got the joke) OH! (laughs) "Imposed in a Cinch"! Oh, Sugarcoat, that's priceless!

Sour Sweet: (sweet) We'd love to! (sour) It would help make up for lost time anyway.

Katie: Okay then! ^^ (to the Dazzlings) And you three? :)

Adagio: We'll be there. :)

Sonata: As long as you bring tacos! :D

Zoey: Well, I can make tacos like I made one homemade taco for Melina. :)

Sonata: I'll definitely be there!

Katie: I can buy some tacos fast. (Zips off and then zip back in with two paper bags of tacos) Here they are. ^^

Sonata: Whoa... how did you get those so quick-- no, wait, let me guess, the cafeteria?

Katie: You said it with your lucky guess. ;)

Sonata: Wow, thanks! But... shouldn't we save those for the picnic?

Katie: Exactly. :) Now let's party! ^^

(Then they start dancing in their own styles)

(Then Snips and Snails watch Melina doing the moonwalk dance)

Melina: (doing the moonwalk dance moves of Michael Jackson) ^^

Snips: Whoo! You go girl!

Snails: Yeah! Heh, walk that moon!

Sunset: And to think they used to be my followers... :facepalm:

Melina: (dive onto the floor, stand with her single hand on floor and spin her waist with legs down flat around since she is a cyborg who can spin her waist)

Snips and Snails: WHOAA! :jawdrop:

Sunset: Okay, I have to admit, that is impressive. (Princess Twilight and Flash are shown doing the same all-fours dancing in the first Equestria Girls)

Zoey: (doing her robot dance while standing next to Lemon Zest who looks like she is doing the chicken dance) ^^

(Vinyl Scratch is jamming at her turntables.)

(Everybody is having fun as the camera pan up to the shining disco ball and took a shot at it until this scene fades to black screen. Then, the scene opens up and it shows Katie Jadie, Maple Sweet, Soccer Blast, the Dazzlings, Rainbooms, the Rockster Girls, Shadowbolts, Sunset and Human Twilight are having a picnic close to the portal statue)

Me: (then came out of this portal. My hair is now plain black without streaks and cutted short down to my shoulders and I wore the same princess outfit and flat blue shoes) Hi there, everybody. Twilight told me about this whole thing and I ask her if I can go there alone to look around. :) First of all, I had a crazy fun, but strangest time with Discord and old friends of Twilight including Minuette before I got here. ^^ (sighs as I open my eyes. Then I drop my jaw and shocked as I suddenly saw the Rockster Girls in front of me) :jawdrop:

(The camera took a full shot of me and the Rockster Girls are staring at each other in surprise. These Rockster Girls who are happened to be my own OCs that are somehow real and alive. The Dazzlings who are hiding behind the Rockster Girls and cower in fear during my presence)

Rockster Girls: (nervously wave their hands hello at me) <8)

Me: (blink my eyes with dropped jaw and then smiles nervously as I point my index finger at them) Make that the second strangest. (B>

The End.
MLP:EG The Return of the Rockster Girls final pt 7
This is the final seventh chapter of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - The Return of the Rockster Girls which takes place after My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games which is written by Josh Haber and directed by Ishi Rudell and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - The Robots of Friendship and Rock that was written by me and Connor aka CmdrNIX.


Plot Summary: Before the Rockster Girls: Ashley Asey, Melina Thermopolis and Zoey Halen return to the human Canterlot City to move in from their old home in Pontiac, Michigan to make their lives better and different to be with their new friends and mostly Melina wants to be with Sonata Dusk as a bestie, they got the new inventions from their good scientist and inventor: Professor David Beaker called Electronic Human Skin Transformer Watches (or E.H.S.T for short). They will change the Rockster Girls into complete normal humans with cybernetic parts into normal human organic parts like lungs, heart, small and large intestine, veins, voice larynx, and more. He said if they remain as humans with their transformation watches on about after 24 hours, they will be stuck as humans forever. And they will never come off. They need to change themselves back to cyborg forms on time before their time is up. When they transform into humans, they look exactly like when they were normal human girls before they got turned into cyborgs by unknown evil mad scientist.

During the move out, they are interrupted when the strange explosion of the Equestrian magic from behind the hills and possibly in Canterlot High School and some magic energy balls shoot around like shooting stars until three of them hit the Rockster Girls, unexpectedly giving them Equestrian magic abilities to pony up with human ears into pony ears and their hair extended and tied into ponytails.

Once they made it to Canterlot City to find a good home or hotel until they move into Katie Jadie's 3 story house, they will eventually meet the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms including the real human Twilight Sparkle known as Sci-Twi in Canterlot High School again and they told these Rockster Girls what happened after Friendship Games and when Sci-Twilight or Science Twilight Sparkle got turned into Midnight Sparkle before she got defeated by Sunset Shimmer in Daydream Shimmer form and changed back to normal. This explains to the Rockster Girls about where that Equestrian Magic is coming from. When the Rockster Girls said that they don't believe in sirens, the Dazzlings are angry and ending their friendship from the Rockster Girls who end up feeling remorseful for their disbelief so they try to find the Dazzlings and get them back to be friends again when they changed into believing in sirens, magic, fairies and stuff with the help of their new fan friend and roommate; Katie Jadie who acts as the Rockster Girls' sidekick and assistant.

Meanwhile, the evil Siren Queen Eris was free from the imprisonment of Princess Dream Light the First's crystal of light thanks to the sailors of Canterlot City and she decided to take over this world with the help of her favorite servants: the Dazzlings. She disguise herself as a new dean or substitute principal of Canterlot High School with her new clothes, hairstyle and eyeglasses so nobody will recognize her while finding the Equestrian Magic in this place until she found what she is looking for as the source of magic: the Rockster Girls! The Dazzlings and the Rockster Girls finally apologize to each other and forgive each other. However, the Dazzlings are actually working for Queen Eris to get the Rockster Girls trust them until they are ready to capture them.

During the few days for the Dazzlings, the Rainbooms and the Rockster Girls who spend their time trying to bond each other friendship, they will soon meet Sci-Twi known as Human World Twilight Sparkle, the Shadowbolts, Principal Cinch and Dean Cadence. When the Rainbooms told the Rockster Girls that they fear that Principal Cinch doesn't allow robots in Crystal Prep High School Academy, so the Rockster Girls turn into humans and disguise themselves as new students of Crystal Prep to get the information of Principal Cinch's and the Shadowbolts' plans. However, the Shadowbolts and every Crystal Prep students, even Cinch have changed so they are not bad after all anymore. Things have changed in Crystal Prep.

Find out more... 


The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, Sunset Shimmer, Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, Flash Sentry, Cutie Mark Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, The Great and Powerful Trixie, Granny Smith, the Rainbooms: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack, Human Twilight Sparkle or Sci-Twi from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, Human Twilight's dog; Spike, Dean Cadance, Crystal Prep High School Academy, Principal Cinch, the Shadowbolts: Jet Set, Upper Crust, Neon Lights, Suri Polomare, Trenderhoof, Royal Pin, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap, songs including "Dance Magic" and more (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (or MLP:FiM and MLP:EG for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

Katie Jadie, Maple Sweet, Soccer Blast, Mr. Jadie, Siren Queen Eris, Gloria Goldie the former Siren girl and the Rockster Girls: Ashley Asey, Melina Thermopolis and Zoey Halen (C) Me

Song, "I Put A Spell On You" from Walt Disney Hocus Pocus

MLPRGSWA - Obi-Wan Kenobi in Equestria Girls style by Magic-Kristina-KW
MLPRGSWA - Obi-Wan Kenobi in Equestria Girls style
Here's Obi-Wan Kenobi the self-exiled Jedi Master in MLP: EG style appears in the crossover of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Star Wars called, "My Little Pony: Rockster Girls' Star Wars Adventure" and this story took place after MLP EG - The Return of the Rockster Girls and Star Wars between Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back.

Plot Summary: This story took place in Katie Jadie's house where Katie Jadie found the strange magic comic book from the statue portal and it was about Star Wars comic story which took place between Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back. Katie was revealed to be the biggest fan of Star Wars until she and the Rockster Girls got sucked into the magic comic book where they meet Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han, Lando, Chewie, R2-D2 and 3PO. The only way to get home is if they complete the Jedi mission with the help of Luke and his Jedi gang.

This crossover story is gonna be written by me and my friend who is a biggest Star Wars fan, larry3000 who is my right Star Wars roleplaying partner and we work with each other before until things have worked out so I welcome her to be my official Star Wars roleplay partner and I can ask her for help with Star Wars stories anytime I need. The Rainbooms and other My Little Pony: Equestria Girls characters including Flash Sentry won't appear in this story. Only the Dazzlings will appeared as cameo from the beginning and the ending of this story so Connor aka CmdrNIX will do the Dazzlings' part for the ending of this story I guess because :iconlarry3000: and I already got started in part 1 of this upcoming crossover story.

Style (C) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (or MLP:FiM and MLP:EG for short) produced and created by Lauren Faust at Hasbro Animation Studios and Productions

Ben Kenobi aka Obi-Wan Kenobi (C) Star Wars directed by George Lucas

Equestria Boys Vice Principal Artemis by SelenaEde Equestria Boys Vice Principal Artemis by SelenaEde

Who is your favorite Rockster Girl and why? 

43 deviants said Melina Thermopolis MLP EG - Human Melina Thermopolis to cyborg form by Magic-Kristina-KW
9 deviants said Ashley Asey MLP EG - Human Ashley Asey to cyborg form by Magic-Kristina-KW
5 deviants said Zoey Halen MLP EG - Human Zoey Halen to cyborg form by Magic-Kristina-KW


Kristina Kittensworth
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
That's me, Kristina Kittensworth.

Nicknames: Tinay, Miss Imaginary and Happy Dream (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls)

Likes: Veggie Tales, Larry the Cucumber, Orko the Great from He-Man and the Masters of Universe, friends and family, every universe from all universes including Trolla, Montropolis and Ebon, Team Bloom (especially Juniper Ebonywood, formerly), playing video games, drawing, making books and stories, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, playing with Team Bloom and even my real friends in reality, adventures, Marvin the Martian, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, blue, singing (sometimes), dancing (sometimes), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls, the Dazzlings of MLP EG - Rainbow Rocks (especially Sonata Dusk) and staying home.

Dislikes: Rude people, anyone with bad language and attitude, someone gonna hurt, threat, tease and/or kidnap me and my friends, especially Team Bloom, immature people, Doctor Zoog from She-Ra: Princess of Power's episode, "The Greatest Magic"(my arch-enemy), getting in trouble, and bad things happen.

Fears: Snakes, reptiles, slimy animals, frogs, toads, lizards, scary movies including My Bloody Valentines, Gila Monsters, scorpions, spiders, Masahito Fujiwami(conquered), Mancorpus the Manticore(conquered), Veggie Tales in 16 years(conquered), anything I didn't like in garage sale, sea rays like I saw them in Aquarium, and murderers in Horror movies including Freddy Vs. Jason and My Bloody Valentines.

Occupation: Artist, author, text roleplayer, singer (formerly) and storyboard animatic artist.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, La Puente, California

Favorite genre of music: Pop, Classic, kids' various, Techno, and Oldies

Favorite style of art: Anime, Spongebob, Sonic, He-Man, Filmation, and cartoonish

Favourite cartoon character: Orko, Spongebob Squarepants, Juniper Ebonywood, Mike Wazowski and more.
Personal Quote: "Ha! I like to hear you see you try it" and "Peace out"
Today this is the final third day of Tito Noni's funeral and now he is buried in the same cemetery where my dead relatives were buried dead.

Rest in peace, Tito Noni. You are a good, funny man who loves to tell jokes, being playful and being funny to make us laugh. 😔

Now that you're dead, now we'll never hear your jokes but we will remember you and the fact you are being funny who loves to tell jokes. 😥

To me, I would never consider you annoying before because I know you are a funny man who likes to make us laugh and smile all that.


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