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My first time drawing Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd by Magic-Kristina-KW
My first time drawing Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd
I was drawing it for my Drawing Gesture and Figure class which is due tomorrow. The homework for Drawing Gesture and Figure class that is due tomorrow is drawing 20 thumbnail sketches of a character from a horror movie and one expressive piece based on that character (full figure). So I choose one of my greatest Broadway musical films is Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street the 2007 musical horror slasher film directed by Tim Burton. It is an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler's Tony Award-winning 1979 musical of the same name and re-tells the Victorian melodramatic tale of Sweeney Todd, an English barber and serial killer who murders his customers with a straight razor and, with the help of his accomplice, Mrs. Lovett, processes their corpses into meat pies. He was once a happy young man originally named Benjamin Barker who married his beautiful blond wife named Lucy Barker and together, they have a beautiful baby daughter named Johanna that Benjamin appeared to be desired his child to be a girl. A beautiful girl who will grow up to become young and beautiful like her mother; Lucy. However, their life was ruined by Judge Turpin (who has obsession with pretty young women including Lucy) so this judge has Benjamin out of the way by banish him to Australia so he can steal his wife; Lucy to have her all for himself and later, raped her on purpose.

After 15 years, he returns to London with the help of the 20 year old sailor named Anthony and now renames himself as "Sweeney Todd" with his hair turned black with white streak from natural dark brown hair. This story is focus on Sweeney Todd's secret plan is getting revenge on Judge Turpin for what he did horribly to him and his family so he desired to kill him in order to avenge Lucy and the family and put Judge Turpin out of his miserable life.

Anyway, this is also a gift for my good, handsome, cute best friend; Aaron aka angusyoung3 since he is a fan of Tim Burton, his films, his movie work and stuff and also Sweeney Todd movie so he bought an exact replica of Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker's shaving razor.

I watch this film about 12 times in 3 months. Even I was disgusted to see Sweeney slit the throats of the customers with a razor which I find it painful so it makes me wince a little bit. But I'm not scared though. I was just wince and said, "That's gonna hurt." But I like those songs which I find them pretty good and I love my favorite songs of this film are "Johanna (Reprise)" and "Not While I'm Around" so I sang them and I enjoy singing them. Watching some romantic parts makes me reminded of that I used to have good romantic times with my ex-boyfriend and this year I spend romantic times with Commander Apetrully of Hero 108 cartoon TV series during my dreams. This movie is very emotional, expressive, very well musical and has a great masterpiece elements in this film by Tim Burton who I like that director the most.

I'm very impressed of this film for both winning and nominating awards for being a Best Musical or Comedy Film, Johnny Depp for being a Best Actor and Favorite Villain Character and also Helena Bonham Carter for being a Best Actress of the Musical Film so I gave this film 5 out of 5 stars and a 100 percent rating of this film. It looks very impressive, expressive and more despite the gore and killing stuff.

I'm sorry if I did any mistakes on that drawing since I'm clumsy and I did my best I can so don't judge me badly nor giving me a bad, insult critiques and bad negative, mean comments please. Forgive me for my drawing mistakes or something. My teacher of Drawing Figure and Gesture class said that it was alright if it looks accurate or not. It took me time to create drawing lightnings, shadings and such.

Johnny Depp as Benjamin Barker/Sweeney Todd (C) Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Strett the 2007 Broadway musical horror slasher film by Tim Burton

Look at this final third storyboard colored project that I export it as MOV file and next I'm gonna export this project as PDF Shot List like I did Zig and Sharko PDF Shot List. It took me 1 month to finish it which is due on June 3rd next week and the final day of this Spring semester class starts at June 12.

Click this title which is a link so it will sent you to YouTube where you can watch this video and you can post comments on my YouTube colored storyboarding animatic video project. I hope you enjoy.
  • Mood: Artistic
HaVTitH - Claire in radish disguise rescues me by Magic-Kristina-KW
HaVTitH - Claire in radish disguise rescues me
This is the scene of the upcoming envision version of the first segment of VeggieTales In The House eleventh episode or Episode #11, "The Birthday Thief" where Claire Asparagus, who somehow follow us due that she has a crush on Junior Asparagus that she wanted to help him, disguised herself as a radish minion, sneaks in to rescue me after I was captured by Vaniku and the radishes who tied me up to this metallic tube and gag me with a white cloth so she trim the rope with a scissors to free me and before we escape, we are caught by Motato, Vaniku and the radishes, Claire's identity is exposed which causes Motato to recognize her as the little daughter of Mayor Archibald Asparagus like he knows Madame Blueberry and Petunia Rhubarb so they lock both of us in the cage where we can't get out somehow.

Note: If any one of you post a comment about hating redesigns of VeggieTales, don't worry, at least I agree with you since I'm very neutral to Veggie Tales redesigns and I understand most of you don't like redesign version of VeggieTales. But not anymore because I was influenced by this show after watching most sneak peek scenes on YouTube and I changed to like it which got me inspired for Character Development class in my college. I heard about the reception amongst the designs are widely negative towards the fanbase, and some even trying to petition to bring back the old design. Show designer Joe Spadaford states that the reason they redesigned this because the riggings on the models they used since 2000 and they wanted to start something fresh. Phil Vischer stated on a podcast that regardless how the designs are, he likes them at the same time. Don't post mean, rude, offensive comments on it or else I will block you for good. But though, I will understand that it is your opinions though. Also, make a nice, fair critiques at least. But no rude, mean, insult, unfair critiques.

Episode 11 segment 1, "The Birthday Thief" (C) VeggieTales In The House created by A Big Idea Production (or Entertainment) and Dreamwork Animation Production

Claire Asparagus the daughter of Mayor Archibald "Archie" Asparagus and Lovey Asparagus (C) Me
VT Noah's Ark - Me as Faline the daughter of Noah by Magic-Kristina-KW
VT Noah's Ark - Me as Faline the daughter of Noah
In the envision version of Veggie Tales 2015 redesigned episode, "Noah's Ark", I portrayed as Faline the 21 year old adopted human daughter of Noah and Naamah and the human sister-in-law of Sadie (Sabrina) whom I get along with her well since Sadie married Shem. Faline's name means "like a cat" and she is a cat lover. She helps around her adopted vegetable and human brothers and sisters: Japheth (Bob the Tomato), Phoebe (Helena White aka Mariposabutterfly), Valor the human husband of Phobe (Jeran) as my brother-in-law, Deluna (Sera Camp aka PrincessDeluna), Ham (Larry the Cucumber), Nell (Katrina), Daisy (Lillian Rhubarb), (Michelle) Yuki Sapphire, and Dot (Petunia Rhubarb).

When we were onboard at Noah's Ark and the rest of us wore a same sailor uniforms, my job in this ark is tending the cats and kittens I loved since Noah knows I always loved cats which I find them adorable and loving with all their cute meowing, purring and the way they loved me.

On the left, I wore the same outfit and makeup from this if you click this link. Sunday, January 11, 2015 - My outfit for church by Magic-Kristina-KW

Episode, "Noah's Ark" (C) VeggieTales created by A Big Idea Production (or Entertainment) and Dreamwork Animation Production
(Back at the house, Helena and her clique were practicing their duet and the choreography while Larry was gargling and yodelling)

Larry: (Gargling and yodelling)

Helena: Okay, that's all for today because later, we'll be performing in front of everybody. Oh, and here's your costumes and we must be prepared, pretty and rockalicious.

Me: (wearing my house clothes, no makeup and wore glasses and I sat with Bob and Junior to watch TV with them)

Larry: (gulps as he hops up to us) Ahh...

Bob: Larry, you said you'd only practice during commercials.

Larry: Sorry, I'm just super excited to try this.

Helena: Larry, stop what you're doing because the girls and I are trying out the rock n roll hairdos.

Me: And I'm trying to read my fashion magazine book. (Look at images of the beautiful young women with different hair colors and some have different hair colors with different color hair streaks in this magazine book)

Helena: I'll be ratting out my hair tonight. Hey ladies, guys, let's get some sleep.

All: Woohoo!

Male announcer: Tonight's program is brought to you by the new Tom Celeriac movie, Not Without My Mustache.

Bob: A commercial for the new Tom Celeriac movie.

Me: Tell me about it.

Larry: So, can I practice now?

Junior: Hold on, we gotta see this.

(A camera cuts to the TV and it shows Tom Celeriac drove his red car)

Announcer: Tom Celeriac is back and this time, he's tougher, braver and mustachier than ever.

(A camera cuts to the front of Bob who is excitedly watching it)

TV Announcer: Tom Celeriac is Tom Celeriac in Not Without My Mustache. And that's not all.

Bob: (grins)

(The camera cuts back to the TV screen)

TV Announcer: Tom Celeriac wants you to join the mustache army, and try his all new Mustache Frosting. Smear this frosting on your face and grow amazing, thick, bushy mustache, instantly.

(Wolf whistle)

Me: Whoa.

Tom Celeriac: You can be as awesome as I am and even win a local karaoke contest. To order, visit our website or call.

Michelangelo: That's gonna be us! We're gonna win the karaoke contest.

Helena: (hits him with her pink hairbrush) Pipe down, you ninny! I'm trying to fix your hair!

Bob: All my life, I feel like something was missing. Now, I see. It was a mustache, all along. With a mustache like Tom Celeriac's, I bet I can do anything

The Boys (except Jeran): A mustache? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garin: A mustache? You can't win a karaoke contest with a mustache, a good hairdo like my pompadour or their quiffs, Jelly rolls, slick backs, flops, contours, flat tops and our greaser styles will make us the winners of the karaoke contest!

Jeran: Shaddup! Dudes!

Me: (reading a fashion magazine and saw photos of the fashion model women with different dyed hair colors which are patterns of vegetable skins like for example: a white skinned woman with dark green hair with light green streaks so it is a hair pattern style of the cucumber skin pattern so I scream with a grin) AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I love those hair vegetable color designs like the green cucumber hair which is a dark green hair with light green streaks all over so it looks like Larry the Cucumber's skin and I love the yellow hair with green streaks that would make me feel different and special as Jerry Gourd! :D

Bob: (hop off the armchair and hop off) I'm ordering a batch of Mustache Frosting before they run out! (as he hop up to the door)

Helena: Are you gonna borrow my expensive hair dyes or go to the salon, Rose Quartz Hair where I get my hair done?

Me: Hair salon, of course.

Helena: I'll see ya in a few minutes. I'm gonna prepare to curl my hair. See ya later, alligator!

(Helena and her friends leave the house, jump into their cool cars and drive off.)

(Later, the camera zoom out of Larry's mouth and took a shot of it in close-up shot)

Larry: (Yawns) Ahh...

(The camera cuts to Larry and me in my blue long-sleeved pajamas and my long hair is tied in a ponytail braid in the very wide shot and Bob is sitting in his armchair and waiting in front of the door)

Larry: I'm ready for some sleep. Are you gonna go to bed, Bob?

Me: Aren't you tired?

(The camera zoom out a bit and took a shot at Bob in the wide shot on the left and Larry and me on the right)

Bob: I'm gonna watch the door intensely until my package arrives.

Larry: Package?

Bob: Mustache Frosting. I put it, "As Soon As Physically Possible" shipping on it.

Larry: Oh, ok. Goodnight, buddy.

Me: Okay then.

(Both Larry and I zip off)

(Bob was waiting by the door at night)

Bob: (eager moaning and then feeling tired so he fell asleep and snores)

(As he fell asleep, he had a dream of Tom Celeriac. A pair of tentacle-shaped mustache hair came out of the TV screen, grab the chair where Bob is sleeping at, turn it around and drag it towards this TV)

Tom Celeriac: Wake up, friend!

Bob: (woke up and look at him with an excited smile)

Tom: Are you ready for a rockin' stache?

Bob: Yes, absolutely, I am.

Tom: Prepare your face. This is happening. (puts a realistic light brown thick, busy mustache on Bob's face) Now, go be amazing and be scared... of nothing. (flew backward into the TV screen as he hands Bob a handheld mirror)

(Song starts)

Bob: ♪ All my life, I felt a piece was missing ♪ (jumps into the karaoke contest stage sequence)

Crowd: (cheers)

Bob: ♪ I felt a need for more, no matter what I chose
Then I realized the emptiest place upon me
Was just above my mouth and right under my nose. ♪
(start dancing)
♪ I have a m-m-m-m-mustache now ♪

Mr. Lunt, Ichabeezer and Petunia Rhubarb: (dancing, jumping up and down and cheering)

Bob: ♪ I have a m-m-m-m-mustache now ♪

Crowd: (cheering)

Bob: ♪ M-M-M-M-Mustache, yeah! ♪♪

Crowd: (cheers and applause)

Pa Grape: (got onstage and holds out the Karaoke Gumball Machine with a radio attached to under that gumball machine) Bob wins the Karaoke Gumball Machine, in a landslide victory. (laughs)


Bob: (woke up from his dream) Oh, man, it was a dream! (rolls his eyes) That figures.

(Doorbell rings)

Bob: Ok, ok, I'm coming! (hops up to the door, but it got opened and hit him to the wall, squishing him between this wall and this door)

(The package got toss into here)

Bob: (groans and then zips up to it. He gasps with a smile) It's here! (opens it, pick up the tube and smear it on his face) Ah! (turn around with a white frosting on his face under his nose. He took out the yellow handheld mirror and look at his reflection)

Larry the Cucumber: (approach behind him)

Larry: Bob, what's happening?

Bob: This is happening!

(Suddenly, a mustache appears on his face.)

Bob: Ha-ha! (looking confident and look at his reflection)

Larry: Whoa, Mustache Bob. Does this mean you're gonna be competing in the karaoke contest?

Bob: (laughs) No, it means I'm gonna be (toss his mirror aside) winning the karaoke contest.

Me: (walk downstairs with my new dyed blond hair with light green streaks, matching light green headband, golden eyeshadow, same pink lips, yellow and green gourd skin themed dress, matching light green long gloves and matching light green knee high heeled boots) Hey, guys. How did I look? I am ecstatically stylish and special. :D

Bob: Looks good on you, Let's roll!  (hops out)

Larry: (smiles) Wait, Musctache Bob.

Me: We're right behind you.

Me and Larry: (catch up to Bob)

(Outside, Bob, Larry who is holding his can of root beer and Kristina walked outside, greeted by stares, whistles and ogling guys)

Petunia: (follows us) Why Bob, have you slimmed down?

Junior: Dude, Bob looks just like Tom Celeriac.

Bock Choi: Yeah!

Yuki Sapphire: (to me) And where did you get that new outfit, Kristina?

Me: Claire made them for me, Yuki.

Mr. Lunt: Larry, what happened to Bob and Kristina?

Larry: Oh, that's Mustache Bob. He's like the old Bob, but brave.

Me: And I'm so blond with green streaks and I felt confident and special as my boyfriend; Jerry Gourd. :D

Laura's voice: Oh no!

(Then, Laura's bike overspend)

Laura: Whoa! (fell off her bike and got sent flying upward but Bob saved her)

Bob: Don't worry, little baby carrot. Musctache Bob's got your back like a chiropractor.

Laura: (magically hugs him) Thank you, Mustache Bob.

(Then, Helena and her friends, in their 50's Rock and roll style hairdos from Jeran's Danny Zuko hairstyle, the boys' pompadours, quiffs, jelly rolls, slick backs, flops, contours, flat tops to Helena's Sandy Olsson curls, the girls' ponytails with curled bettie page fringes, pretty bangs with rockabilly half-ponytails, victory rolls, curled, pinned and rolled hairstyles and their clothing are based in Grease and Footloose, arrived in their cars)

Jeran: Aloha cats!

Larry: Hey, you greasers and pink ladies, what are you doing in here?

Helena: Mellow like a cello and solid to boot, Larry-o. We're going to join the Karaoke contest today.

Garin (slicks his pompadour): I hope we win this year like last year.

All boys: Gahhhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Jeran: Shut it, dudes!

Bob: Wow, you guys are as cool as my mustache, right.

Helena: (in a seductive tone) Tell me about it, slick.

Lillian: (approach them) Hi, guys.

Petunia: (hops up to Lillian) Hi, Lillian. (hugs her) How was my sweet cousin doing?

Lillian: Feeling warmed up and prep up. (look at me, Bob, Helena and Helena's gang) Have you guys look different lately?

Me: Yep. I got a new hairdo and I love my new look which makes me super stylish. :D

Bob: And I had a new mustache.

Helena: I'm ready to rock this. (Sticks a toothpick on her mouth like a cigarette.)

(Inside Pa Grape's store)

Helena: We're gonna sign up, Scarlett already did. (Signs her team up)

Me: I'm signing up and sing with my Jerry Gourd and the French Peas.

Helena: Sure thing.

Bob: (took out the yellow flower) I don't know if you dropped that, but it looks like it belongs in your hands.

Garin: Um, dude, you don't have hands!

Petunia: (took it from him with a smile) Oh, Bob.

Lillian: That is so generous of you. :)

Petunia: (hold the yellow clipboard and a pen towards Bob) Sign up here, if you're entering.

Lillian: And be sure to be confident and have fun without any fear. :)

Madame Blueberry and Claire Asparagus: (approach behind Bob)

Madame Blueberry: Hello, Bob, it's a great day for a karaoke contest, isn't it?

Bob: It's a great day for winning!

Madame Blueberry: (gasps)

Claire: Wait, what?

Pa Grape and Dr. Burna Bunsen: (standing on the stage)

Pa Grape: We're about ready to get started.

Dr. Burna Bunsen: And while waiting for the crowd to come in, be sure to practice your songs before they will be here any minute.

Me: I'll go practice! (Walk off with a smile)

Claire: And I'm gonna practice my favorite song from Sweeney Todd Broadway musical soundtrack is "Green Finch and Linnet Bird". (Sing with her voice that sounds like Disney Snow White) ♪ Laaaa la la la laaaa...♪♪

Lillian: That's beautiful, Claire. (Look at Bob, Larry, Helena and Helena's gang) What are you guys?

Jeran: What's Shakin' Bacon? Like the threads? I can't wait to sing with you, lovekins.

Helena: Oh yeah, my heartstrings.
Human and Veggie Tales In The House Ep 2 pt 2
This is the second part of Human and Veggie Tales In The House episode 2 first segment, "Kristina's New Hairdo, Bob & the Awesome Frosting Mustache" the envision version of VeggieTales In The House episode, "Bob & the Awesome Frosting Mustache" roleplayed by me and Mariposabutterfly who I credited her for giving me her remake idea is to add human characters in this redesign cartoon Netflix TV series.

In comic version, I was deciding to make it look 2D cartoonish style and as well as cartoon human character design style inspired by my favorite 2D cartoons, "Zig and Sharko", "Tuff (or T.U.F.F.Puppy", "Fairly Oddparents", "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball", "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball 2", "The Powerpuff Girls", "Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy", "Johnny Bravo", "The Powerpuff Girls", "Hotel Transylvania" and "Dexter Laboratory" which I tried to mix 3 or 4 favorite human cartoon styles into one with all my inspiring ideas.

This first part of episode 2.1 will be continued since I have to kept it a little short.


Human Voice Cast:

Me aka Magic-Kristina-KW..................Myself (I decided to replace Jodi Benson into me to make me feel like reprise my role using my same slightly high girly voice like when I was a anthropomorphic cat form)

Helena White aka Mariposabutterfly..................Idina Menzel

Ai-Ya the Robot Girl (OC of dannichangirl) and Bock-Choi the Robot Boy (OC of sodormatchmaker)..................Tara Strong

Yuki Sapphire aka SapphireYuki-Sama..................Grey Delisle

James aka sodormatchmaker..................Himself

Kat aka TigerPrincessKaitlyn..................Caitlin Glass

Laura Antonia..................Tress MacNeille (but to use Mr. Lunt's Hispanic accent on her)

Laramie aka veggiefangirl..................Herself

Danielle aka danigirl1718..................Herself

Sera aka Princess-Sera64..................Herself

Danni aka dannichangirl..................Herself

Sera aka Princess-Sera64..................Herself

Ivy aka Cave-Cat-87..................Herself

Dr. Burna Bunsen..................Miranda Cosgrove

Lillian Rhubarb..................Lea Michelle

And more...


Note: This is the first appearance of Lillian Rhubarb and Dr. Burna Bunsen.

Characters and songs (but me and the human characters) (C) VeggieTales In The House created by A Big Idea Production (or Entertainment) and Dreamwork Animation Production

Previous chapter: magic-kristina-kw.deviantart.c…

Next chapter: 

Which bangs style I wore you like the best? 

62 deviants said Both
52 deviants said Short, straight bangs I got a new, real bangs cut from last night pic 2 by Magic-Kristina-KW
48 deviants said Long, side fringe My new side bangs look 1 by Magic-Kristina-KW


Artist | Student | Other
United States
That's me, Kristina aka KristinaD121.

Nickname: Tinay and Miss Imaginary

Likes: Veggie Tales, Larry the Cucumber, Orko the Great from He-Man and the Masters of Universe, friends and family, every universe from all universes including Trolla, Montropolis and Ebon, Team Bloom(especially Juniper Ebonywood), playing video games, drawing, making books and stories, dresses that are cuter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, playing with Team Bloom and even my real friends in reality, adventures, Marvin the Martian, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain (though I've never been there before since my parents are scared of Six Flags), blue, singing(sometimes), dancing(sometimes), and staying home(frequently).

Dislikes: Rude people, anyone with bad language and attitude, someone gonna hurt, threat, tease and/or kidnap me and my friends, especially Team Bloom, immature people, Doctor Zoog from She-Ra: Princess of Power's episode, "The Greatest Magic"(my arch-enemy), getting in trouble, and bad things happen.

Fears: Snakes, reptiles, slimy animals, frogs, toads, lizards, scary movies including My Bloody Valentines, Gila Monsters, scorpions, spiders, Masahito Fujiwami(conquered), Mancorpus the Manticore(conquered), Veggie Tales in 16 years(conquered), anything I didn't like in garage sale, sea rays like I saw them in Aquarium, and murderers in Horror movies including Freddy Vs. Jason and My Bloody Valentines.

Occupation: Artist, drawer, author, singer, and book publisher.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, La Puente, California
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Classic, kids' various, Techno, and Oldies
Favourite style of art: Anime, Spongebob, Sonic, He-Man, Filmation, and cartoonish
Wallpaper of choice: Kristina the Trollan
Skin of choice: Trollan, robot and human(I think)
Favourite cartoon character: Orko, Spongebob Squarepants, Juniper Ebonywood and Mike Wazowski
Personal Quote: "Ha! I like to hear you see you try it" and "Peace out"

Look at this final third storyboard colored project that I export it as MOV file and next I'm gonna export this project as PDF Shot List like I did Zig and Sharko PDF Shot List. It took me 1 month to finish it which is due on June 3rd next week and the final day of this Spring semester class starts at June 12.

Click this title which is a link so it will sent you to YouTube where you can watch this video and you can post comments on my YouTube colored storyboarding animatic video project. I hope you enjoy.
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