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Request and art-trade commission
Request - Inflated Blueberry Robyn in swimsuit by Magic-Kristina-KW
Art-Trade - Inflated Rosina Star in her swimsuit by Magic-Kristina-KW
Request for Callewis2 - Cal hugs me by Magic-Kristina-KW
A blueberry skin request for Mollie-The-Hedgehog 3 by Magic-Kristina-KW
Each request costs 5 or 10 points since I might grew overwhelmed of doing free requests for all of you with too many pictures to draw. How about 100 points which means $1.00 or 80 points?

Request and Art-Trade = 10 points



A surprise Pop Art gift for TigerPrincessKaitlyn by Magic-Kristina-KW
A surprise Pop Art gift for TigerPrincessKaitlyn
Ta-dah! :D

It's a very professional-looking vintage Andy Warhol Pop Art inspired picture of Kaitlyn aka TigerPrincessKaitlyn and I had been practiced very well in Graphic Design about Pop Art designing in Photoshop we used. Here's the tutorial that the instructor gave us during this Graphic Design 1 class yesterday.…

Original photo I borrowed it from her: tigerprincesskaitlyn.deviantar…

She looks very gorgeous in this Pop Art style in different complementary colors and more kinds of colors. :D Although, my teacher said that it doesn't have to be too much detailed.
My Graphic Design 1 Exercise 6 - Pop Art Project by Magic-Kristina-KW
My Graphic Design 1 Exercise 6 - Pop Art Project
This is my finished homework I did yesterday in Graphic Design 1 class in 20 minutes until it ends and we left. Luckily I finished it yesterday on time.

This is the Graphic Design I's sixth exercise project is Pop Art Design and the assignment of this homework said, "Review this tutorial:…

Find and download a headshot of any famous person. The original image must be at least 1000 pixels wide.

Choose complimentary colors and use the techniques learned in tutorial. Keep the original image in the file."

I choose this one and we just do what our instructor said to pick any celebrity headshots from Google Images we like.…

Those are kinds of Pop Art that look professional than you think.…
Request for Montyclan - Inflated Chicky Bird by Magic-Kristina-KW
Request for Montyclan - Inflated Chicky Bird
This is the request for Montyclan who wants me to draw Chicky Bird in her Season 3 look inflated and I have her inflated with water.

Make kind, nice, respectful, polite or positive comments please. Also, no mean/negative comments, no unfair, mean critiques or criticisms, no trolls, no offense, no suggestions, no flames and no strong, inappropiate language with the "F" word because it makes me sad or angry, my creativity has no limits and this is IMPORTANT TO ME!!! Only I can make A self critique. If you don't like this art or whatever, you don't have to post A comment and keep those words to yourself! I'm the not the only one who make mistakes, all of you are the ones who made mistakes too so all of us are not perfect!

But I need at least A fair critique. For example: "Criticized by  - As for your attempt at a baggy shirt, I HIGHLY recommmend starting off with drawing the actual body of whoever you're drawing FIRST, then you draw the clothes. Try looking for clothing and anatomy tutorials here on dA to help you out.

Not mean, rude critiques like this "Your style looks awful and I hate it!"

You can help me with my writing and GRAMMAR with critiques so I can let some of my friends edit my writing about what are they or any character is doing after they see the comics and actions like Laramie aka VeggieFanGirl did for me at Veggie Hearts, but you can't criticize my drawings. This is my style and also, I used all the styles of the movie creators like Butch Hartman and Arlene Klasky who created the American animated television series, "Rugrats".

Note: Sorry about this comic page, drawing and coloring. I'm too lazy to clean this whole comic page up so I don't have time for this.  It's like I don't have to clean it up entirely anymore because my friends or followers at school told me that I don't need to so no big deal.

Chicky Bird (C) The Clever Belovers created by me
Request for Montyclan - Inflated me in VTitH style by Magic-Kristina-KW
Request for Montyclan - Inflated me in VTitH style
It's a request for Montyclan who wants me to draw me inflated in the 2D cartoon style of the envision version of VeggieTales In The House by A Big Idea Production (or Entertainment) and Dreamwork Animation Production called, "Human and Veggie Tales In The House" which is gonna be written by me and Mariposabutterfly.

Note: If any one of you post a comment about hating redesigns of VeggieTales, don't worry, at least I agree with you since I'm very neutral to Veggie Tales redesigns and I understand most of you don't like redesign version of VeggieTales. Don't post mean, rude, offensive comments on it or else I will block you for good. But though, I will understand that it is your opinions though. Also, make a nice, fair critiques at least. But no rude, mean, insult, unfair critiques.
HaVTitH - Kat aka Kaitlyn in cartoon human style by Magic-Kristina-KW
HaVTitH - Kat aka Kaitlyn in cartoon human style
This is Kat aka :icontigerprincesskaitlyn: in her 2D cartoonish human style who is a girlfriend of James aka sodormatchmaker and is a good friend of Bob the Tomato, me, Larry the Cucumber, Helena White aka :iconmariposabutterfly: and the others. Her most signature vegetable partner is Mr. Nezzer who she treats him like her father.

This is for the envision version of VeggieTales In The House by A Big Idea Production (or Entertainment) and Dreamwork Animation Production called, "Human and Veggie Tales In The House" which is gonna be written by me and Mariposabutterfly, she will be portrayed as a human resident and friend of the Human and Veggie Tales gang.

Note: If any one of you post a comment about hating redesigns of VeggieTales, don't worry, at least I agree with you since I'm very neutral to Veggie Tales redesigns and I understand most of you don't like redesign version of VeggieTales. Don't post mean, rude, offensive comments on it or else I will block you for good. But though, I will understand that it is your opinions though. Also, make a nice, fair critiques at least. But no rude, mean, insult, unfair critiques.

This is the gift for TigerPrincessKaitlyn


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
That's me, Kristina aka KristinaD121.

Nickname: Tinay and Miss Imaginary

Likes: Veggie Tales, Larry the Cucumber, Orko the Great from He-Man and the Masters of Universe, friends and family, every universe from all universes including Trolla, Montropolis and Ebon, Team Bloom(especially Juniper Ebonywood), playing video games, drawing, making books and stories, dresses that are cuter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, playing with Team Bloom and even my real friends in reality, adventures, Marvin the Martian, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain (though I've never been there before since my parents are scared of Six Flags), blue, singing(sometimes), dancing(sometimes), and staying home(frequently).

Dislikes: Rude people, anyone with bad language and attitude, someone gonna hurt, threat, tease and/or kidnap me and my friends, especially Team Bloom, immature people, Doctor Zoog from She-Ra: Princess of Power's episode, "The Greatest Magic"(my arch-enemy), getting in trouble, and bad things happen.

Fears: Snakes, reptiles, slimy animals, frogs, toads, lizards, scary movies including My Bloody Valentines, Gila Monsters, scorpions, spiders, Masahito Fujiwami(conquered), Mancorpus the Manticore(conquered), Veggie Tales in 16 years(conquered), anything I didn't like in garage sale, sea rays like I saw them in Aquarium, and murderers in Horror movies including Freddy Vs. Jason and My Bloody Valentines.

Occupation: Artist, drawer, author, singer, and book publisher.

Current Residence: Los Angeles, La Puente, California
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Classic, kids' various, Techno, and Oldies
Favourite style of art: Anime, Spongebob, Sonic, He-Man, Filmation, and cartoonish
Wallpaper of choice: Kristina the Trollan
Skin of choice: Trollan, robot and human(I think)
Favourite cartoon character: Orko, Spongebob Squarepants, Juniper Ebonywood and Mike Wazowski
Personal Quote: "Ha! I like to hear you see you try it" and "Peace out"
Sorry I took so long. Today, I had a problem about my 5 Hour Energy Drink I drank entire of it at 9 AM until I started to feel jittery and hyper so I took one pink Allergy Relief pill at 11:15 AM before Graphic Design 1 class starts at 11:30 AM so I can get ready to work on two roughs of the Ducky Poster. I was still a bit jittery and tried to calm myself down. After I got home at 3:30 PM, I cleaned up my bedroom by vacuuming the carpet floor and put away my folded clothes into my closet until I take a nap until 4:40 PM and it didn't work.

Next, I check my blood pressure that said 121 at 6 PM until I eat dinner and wash the dishes. At 7 PM after done eating dinner, I head to my bedroom and use my imaginary cell phone to call my imaginary friends: the Preteen Misfits (renamed Adult Misfits since we're all grown up and except Jack, Mary and Mel from Jack's Big Music Show are stil young and remained the same so this makes them the youngest members and they are 12 year old) for help so they come over to my house and help me burn off my energy by together, we perform our favorite songs and sing karaoke while we're playing our musical instruments like our old times back in 2006 and we never forget the great old times. We're having a party in my bedroom like we are party animals. At least now that we are reunited.

Here are list of songs we sang:

1) Girl In The Band (Haylie Duff) sung by me as Sera Candia who is my musical band leader alter-ego

2) Greased Lightning sung by Brad Puckett the twin brother of Red Puckett

3) This Song sung by me as Sera Candia, Jacopo Hun, Jack, Mary and Mel…

4) Arthur Grow Up To Be sung by Mary as lead singer and me, Jacopo Hun, Brad Puckett, Red Puckett, Jack and Mel as backgroud singers…

5) Go Outside sung by me, Jacopo Hun, Jack and Mary…

6) Scary sung by Schwartzman Quartet who briefly visit my room during our break from playing our imaginary musical instruments.…

7) Under The Shady Tree sung by me, Mary and Laurie Berkner… (go to duration 2:12 where this song started)

That's all until Deedee Doodle the only female member of the Doodlebops that I was their biggest fan when I was 12 came visiting in my house. Not the real Deedee Doodle. The imaginary Deedee Doodle in my imagination. Mary explains the long story about what happened to me this morning and I sadly told her that I need to be better and be back to my old self from being a jittery, hyper, high energy girl so she agrees. We start dancing along with her during her three solo songs, "Wobbly Whoopsy", "Jump Up!" and "When The Lights Go Out". After her songs, I felt a bit better and my energy starts burned off. I thanked her for helping me and my friends until she gratefully leaves to head back to her practice with Rooney Doodle and Moe Doodle.

Then, we start partying by dancing, singing and playing. 

Here are party activities we did:

1) Spin-A-Bottle: when a bottle stop spinning and point at any random opponent will be out and last one once all the opponents elimiated is a winner is me.

2) Truth or Dare Game

3) Ring Around A Rosie

4) Hokey Pokey (dance along with Just Dance With Kids - Hokey Pokey Dance Song)

5) Dance Revolution Two Opponents Competition: Me Vs. Jack and Jacopo Hun Vs. Mary

6) Eating imaginary snacks and drink imaginary fruit punch

After those fun activities, the boys head to another room where the girls and I will stay in my bedroom where we took off all our clothes, put the towels including my real towel on my carpet floor, we sat down on them and pour our bottles of icy cold water onto our heads to butts or heads to toes like when victims get soaking wet or poured by green slimes on Nickelodeon Slimed Show and it was funny how we did to ourselves with water instead of the green Nickelodeon slime. We let the air dry our naked bodies that we covered in cold water from the plastic bottles while we're chatting about our great times in this party like it used to be when we were younger and this party is a The Preteen Misfits Reunion Party. When we're done, we put our new house clothes since the ones we wore earlier were getting stinky and covered in our sweats.

Next, we did the singing and dancing in this party.

1) Cha Cha Slide Group Dancing learn from this…

2) Surfin Safari by Beach Boys to dance and sing along with, featuring the old Jack's Big Music Show characters: Henry the Monster… , Spunky the Alien… , Earl the Squirrel… , Sheldon the Grumpy Squirrel… and the Little Bad Wolf…

3) Limbo Stick Game during the song, "Limbo Rock"

4) Achy Breaky Heart dance along with Kidsongs…

5) The Name Game sung by me while all of them sat and dance with their hands moving…

6) Down By The Bay while we're sitting and sing along with Kidsongs…

7) Purple People Eater to dance and sing along with Kidsongs…

8) The Limbo Stick game while singing "Limbo Rock" along with Disney Mickey's Fun…

9) Slicin' Sand to sing and dance along with Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and the kids…

10) We're All In This Together (High School Musical) sung by all of us featuring Stephanie from Lazytown to dance along with it…

11) Finale song is Bing Bang from Lazytown sung by Stephanie where I dance and sing along with her until the rest of my imaginary friends leave home…

:iconpantingplz: We're done partying and it ends at 10 PM today so that's how I got exhausted and I'm feeling better now with all my energy burned off. It was a wild reunion dance fun party. It was worth it. :D

Right now, my left arm is sore since I played my imaginary rock guitar with all the strumming and dancing real hard in this party so I'm exhausted and need a rest from all that partying. It was a fun blast at this reunion dance party! Yippee! :iconyaydanceplz:

I will never forget my old imaginary friends: the Adult Misfits who grow up from being Preteen Misfits and we were great friends.

Jacopo Hun was my great, imaginary best friend who later became my human boyfriend when I was 12 year old and my secret agent partner as well during our tag team secret agent spy mission.

Eilowny McGuire is a beautiful, sweet, bubbly friend of ours who helped me cook and clean and especially we sew her favorite quilt. She is a good American ancestor or descendant of Princess Eilonwy from Walt Disney The Black Cauldron.

Red Puckett is a good spunky close friend of mine who taught me some Karate Kung Fu fighting moves or skills and we chat each other as often. And mostly, she treats Eilonwy as her own sister and they're both best friends.

Brad Puckett is a loud, energetic, fun-loving, funny drums-loving boy who loves to flirt with any pretty girls and even Eilonwy McGuire as his own love interest. He seems to be my good helper when he and I were alone together.

As for Jack, Mary and Mel from my old childhood most favorite musical TV show, "Jack's Big Music Show", I've been their biggest fan and I let them join me and the Preteen Misfits from the day we first met when I was 12 and help them perform to entertain the kids until they approve us to be their fans and finally join us as new, youngest members. Though, they are seem to be preteens despite their voices that sound older and even Mel is an adult dog to me. 

Jack is a very super swell friend to me and I remember treat him like a younger brother. We usually talk about music, super swell times in our old times in the past and we are both energetic and love having fun in all our lives. He is such the amazing star of the show. Every day Jack gets to spend his own special time in his favorite place in the world, his backyard clubhouse. It's here that Jack meets up with his dog Mel and his best friend Mary and he gets to do what he loves best: make music, sing, dance, and have a great time! Jack's interest in learning all kinds of music leads him to discover melodies in the most unpredictable places, like finding rhythms in raindrops and musical tunes from tiny bugs. To Jack, music is the greatest. There's always something unpredictable going on in the clubhouse and Jack has a way of using music to save the day. He is best friends with Mary and owns a pet dog named Mel. He has a strong love for music. He often plays with his friends in his clubhouse, a small wooden playhouse filled with instruments. Though Jack's antics ocassionally get in the way, Jack is a loyal friend.

Mary is acting like she was my younger sister and we talk about music, her father, her love for walk along the beach with pretty shells and rocks and we loved to play with each other. She is also a great positive thinker. She is Jack's best friend. She mostly plays the accordion, but loves to pick up any other instrument and dabble with it. She knows how to play some things on the harp, and has a soft spot for opera music, as shown in Space Opera. She's been Jack's neighbor ever since they were born. Mary and Jack go together like "rock and roll." Mary is the calmer and more practical one, but she's always ready for adventure. Mary's love of music and knack for problem-solving makes her a perfect match for Jack.

Mel is a pretty good boy like a normal dog I admit. He is also a great, helpful dog and a friend of us. He is Jack's faithful dog. He is a special breed indeed! Mel doesn't miss a beat on the drums or about what's happening around the clubhouse. Although he only barks, Jack understands him completely and they're more like best friends than pet and owner. He's also the techno-Mr. Fix-It-custodian-idea-guy-suggestionmaker-cake-baker dog! Mel uses his greatest invention, Mel's Marvelous Music Machine, to let us tune in to videos, remote locations, weather reports and just about anything else! He is well-behaved that communicates through barking and takes up drumming as his part of the band. Though he cannot talk, Mel is a supporting main character and is often the subject of episodes. He enjoys being part of Jack and Mary's adventures and is always having fun with his best friends.

There is no way that Jack, Mary, Mel, our friends and I hate each other, argue and fight each other and I know them very well. Unless sometimes our anger when we broke our things caused us to force to argue each other once. Though, we're still remained loyal best friends.

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